April 13, 2006

Ron De Cuba - Part 1

Well here's the Cuba photo album.
For the exception of a weekend trip to Montreal last year, this was my first vacation.... EVER! It was fabulous, and to have an "all inclusive" trip with flight, food and booze all free and part of the resort was definately a great experience.

To begin, a complimentary bottle of rum waiting in our room, Rum in Spanish is Ron, so we're off to a good start.

Upon Arrival in Cuba... Curtis staring at a Cuban missle warhead.

We went straight to the beach, where we were blinded by the sun, and Curtis & Tara got to work on some sculptures.

Then we're off to the shooting range.

Pools, bars, and restaurants all over the resort.

Hopelessly drunk.

Pig roast on the beach.

A bar.... IN the pool!!!!
With underwater stools!

Me.... nude by the pool.

Curtis, chillin' like a villain.

Crazy giant snake plant.


artjunkie_mgh said...

hey ron buddy... glad you had an awesome vacation. great pics! y'know, in some of them you look a little TOO at home - like a drug dealer doing business or something, ha ha haaaaa!

you weren't... were you?

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