April 12, 2006

Ron De Cuba - Part 3

There was some sort of party or crazy show every night, here's some dancers.... dancing.

Fire jugglers, fire breathers.

Stray cats populated the resort, you'd only see them around the restaurants usually.

I found some animation in Cuba.

The beaches were so nice!

Our underwater camers did good, too bad I was so trigger-happy that by the time we got to all the crazy corals and schools of fish I was out of film, but here's a the best of what we were able to catch.

I think I'm being attacked by a shark here.

Leaving Cuba, the ocean is such a bright green-blue even at 20,000 feet up.

An unbelievable site, at 35,000 feet in the air, the ocean was still so clear near Florida that we see the underwater mountain ranges.

As we reach Nova Scotia, we noticed the gray, foggy-overcast waters, weather, and lands have replaced the bright pastel colors of Cuba.

The best picture that sums up Cuba for me.
Our last late afternoon on the island - from my POV as I was laying down on a chair by the pool.


Stephanie N said...

Good stuff, hon! I'll hve to grab some of these files from you to print out for the bathrooms when I get working on them!

Jake Macher said...

Wow! It's just beautiful there, so much sun.

KT said...

Awesome - somehow I was expecting to see more party shots - What were you too drunk?

Walker said...

Wow, nice pics. I could compare each one with an almost identical version from the recent trip to Jamaica. even up to the stray cats! Looks like a blast.