August 25, 2006

Updated Links

Well this silly little blog has reached 10,000 hits since late March. I have no clue who's visiting this site so much, but it feels cool to see so many people interested in the random stuff I post. Of course the intention was for it to be a daily sketch blog, but we all knew it would instead turn out to be an amalgamation of all things silly or mildly interesting that I would find on the webernet.

To commemorate my 222nd post on this blogger, here's some awesome sites and blogs that I've rediscovered recently, filled with great artwork, photos and videos. These are ALL worth a quick peek, please visit them and enjoy.

Adam Hughes' massive archive of delicious artwork.

Photos of walls, sounds strange, but there's some great stuff here.

Dexter's Lab designer, Chris Battle.

Remarkable Photos of China.

Nededlu's fantastic artwork.

Jessica's new Blog - amazing cartoon drawings and renderings.

Amazing photos of Tokyo by Night.

The crazy art styles of Ian Worrel.

Best camera shop ever.

Caroline's monsters!

Jenny's amazing doodles.

Some cool CG imagery by Pistachios.

The incredible moose drawings of Geordie Millar.

The Art of Eric Powell.

Cool recent bear sketches from Matt Williames.

Seth MacFarlane and cast in the sound booth
in Behind The Scenes on Family Guy.

Antoine Antin's latest pencil tests of Asterix.

The Bio of local artist Darwyn Cooke.

The Little Matchgirl; Disney's next attempt at reproducing quality animated shorts, cool boards, sketches and clips.

A massive collection of original Star Wars deleted scenes, some I've never seen before.

The comic art of Mike Allred.

Ian Worrel's astounding artwork.

The wonderful background designs of Mr. Parpan.

Sean Galloway has new slick characters drawn up.

Behind the scenes on Scanner Darkly, pretty cool model sheets with the Rotoshop technique.

Comicbook artist Casey Jones.

Trevor Jimenez; an animation student with an awesome variety of styles.

The fantastic sketches of Linton Joseph.

A cluster of artwork made by various talented contributors.

My new favorite independent Flash animator, Pascal Campion,
this guys is absolutely phenomenal!

Jim White's blog is showing us step by step progressions
for the development of his animated series, sleek designs
and appealing color palettes are currently being displayed.

Collideascope Animation blog finally updated!

My crappy photos

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