January 27, 2010

Don't Pay Will Ferrell Too Much To Act

will-ferrell.jpgBy looking at the last three mainstream films big Hollywood actors starred in within the last five years, subtracting the voice-acting parts and applying maths, Forbes has compiled a shaming list of the ten most overpaid stars, and has found that Will Ferrell earns the least back in box office for every dollar he's paid.

Would you like to see the full list, and see where Eddie Murphy places since you know he's got to be on there? Oh, good, here it is:

1. Will Ferrell

2. Ewan McGregor

3. Billy Bob Thornton

4. Eddie Murphy

5. Ice Cube

6. Tom Cruise

7. Drew Barrymore

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

9. Samuel L. Jackson

10. Jim Carrey

You may now refer to the IMDb to see what major release films Billy Bob Thornton and Ice Cube have even been in in recent years. (Hint: think Mr. Woodcock and Are We There Yet? sequels.)

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