January 15, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Transforms Into Jay Leno For Entire Episode

kimmel-leno.jpgI can't tell if Leno would be insulted by this or not. With there being absolutely no exaggeration, it's not so much a parody as a demeaning tribute:

Amazing. I didn't know a late night band could be effectively aurally mimicked, but there I was, feeling the unnerving presence of a phantom Kevin Eubanks at all times.

And have you heard about this Avatar movie? And Tiger Woods?

And time for Headlines!

Arnold Schwarzenegger During the Earthquake

Could we compromise, and instead of giving Leno an 11:35 spot just give Kimmel the spot in-character as Leno? I swear, my parents won't even notice; they just want anyone to give them half-assed jokes about the two relevant news stories they're aware of.
(here's the rest of the episode)

Bonus! Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno's 10 at 10 - HILARIOUS!

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