March 11, 2012

Bob Chisholm

Chisholm has been prolifically documenting his travels, family and surroundings for roughly the last 50 years. The majority of the work in his most recent show was discovered in a crawl space in a home in Northern California, left untouched for more than a decade. Last August, they were shown in an art gallery. Architect, poet, avid traveler and documentarian, his work both subtly subverts and simultaneously embraces the sociological constructs of the eras that it spans. The duplicity, off-putting humor, and beauty in the mundane that runs throughout Chisholm’s work brings to mind the work of photographers such as William Eggelston, Robert Frank and Joseph Szabo. Originally unintended for a gallery audience, Chisholm’s photographs present a candidly honest depiction of an uncompromising life.

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