May 21, 2012

Voice Actor - Don Francks

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Don Francks grew up slowly in an abundance of nature, playing marbles, soccer, lacrosse and rugby. He learned at a young age the importance of working hard and meeting people as he did a little vaudeville, became a foundryman, did some summer stock, then moved to Toronto to continue his exploration in the musical and performance arts.

His voice has been heard in literally hundreds of commercials and animated series including Beetlejuice, Free Willy, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and Inspector Gadget. He's Probbaly best known for performing the very distinct voices of villains in Nelvana Productions like in Ewoks and Rock and Rule. 

He has appeared both on and off Broadway in such productions as The Flip Side, On A Clear Day, Kelly and Leonard Bernstein's Theatre Songs. Don plays the trombone, drums and flute, and has made several jazz albums. Still today, he continue singing with his jazz group in night clubs.

Voice Credits:
ALF Tales (1987, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Babar (1989, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Beetlejuice (1989, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Dog City (1992, Live Action/Puppet/Animated Series) (additional voices)
Ewoks (1985, Animated Series) Umwak (Dulok Shaman) (Season 1)
Garbage Pail Kids (1987, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Heavy Metal (1981, Animated Film) Barbarian #1 "Taarna" segment

Co-Pilot "B-17" segment

Grimaldi "Grimaldi" segment
Inspector Gadget (1983, Animated Series) Big M.A.D. Agent "Down on the Farm"

General Store Clerk "Down on the Farm"

M.A.D. Yodeler "Gadget in Winterland"

Professor Frumpkin "Monster Lake"

Professor Von Slickstein "The Amazon"
My Dad the Rock Star (2003, Animated Series) Skunk
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend (1998, Animated Series) Blue-Eyed Wolf "Ulysses and Circe"

Sailors "Jason and the Argonauts"
Neverending Story, The (1995, Animated Series) G'Mork
Rock & Rule (1983, Animated Film) Mok (speaking)
Silver Surfer, The (1998, Animated Series) Kalek
Star Wars Holiday Special, The (1978, Live Action/Animated TV Special) Boba Fett
Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, The (1989, Live Action/Animated Series) (additional voices) ("The Legend of Zelda" segments)
Swamp Thing (1990, Animated Series) Dr. Arcane
Tales from the Cryptkeeper (1993, Animated Series) Red Beard "Ghost Ship"
X-Men (1992, Animated Series) Puck / Eugene Judd "Repo Man"

Sabretooth / Victor Creed

Shaman / Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen "Repo Man"

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