October 04, 2013

Bryan Cranston Interview - Inspirational and relatable to a career in animation

I couldn't help but to draw some parallels to this interview with Bryan Cranston (star of the best show in the history of television), and compare some points he makes about a career in acting and how it relates to a career in animation.

You can replace the word 'actor' with 'animator' through out this whole interview and it's nearly all true to the career path and philosophy for animation students and professionals.

Mentor the future generation.
Learn the trends, techniques, and teachings from different mentors and instructors,
and keep the things that work best for you.
You need to be fully committed to your craft.
Do you feel like this is all you can do? Than you must try, because if you don't try, you've already failed.
Maybe a career in animation isn't for you, and that's OK. Have the wisdom to realize that. But if you know that you can't imagine doing anything else, then you need to take your shot.
Don't dwell on the lows, there will be highs and lows throughout your career, relish those good moments. The productions that are creative, run-smoothly, inspiring, fulfilling, and gratifying will come and go, but as you go from job to job, realize you can't sustain those high points - you'll have good days and bad days, you'll work on good productions and bad productions, learn from all of them. Go with the flow.

The first 10 minutes are particularly relevant for visual artists, animation students, and animation artists to hear as well.

Very inspirational talk.

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