May 07, 2017

‘Animated American’ by James Baker and Joe Haidar

Directors: James Baker, Joe Haidar
Story: James Baker, Joe Haidar
Screenwriter: Tim Talbott
Animators: James Baker, Joe Haidar, Steve Gordon, Kevin Petrilak, Chris Sauve, Rick Hoppe, Robb Pratt, Andy Schuhler, Jamie Oliff, Bobby Rubio, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn
Director of Photography: Ruben Russ
Composer: Alan Lee Silva
Editor: Darren Ayres
Cast: Jason Marsden (Eric), Bree Turner (Trixie), Jon Polito (Max), Bill Farmer (Bogie), Marc Romeo (Paul Helling)
Grinnell Drive Productions in association with Mercury Filmworks and 6[ft]1 Productions

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