February 01, 2019


Film and Sound design by Kevin McGloughlin
Selected images : Google Earth
Audio Samples : Nasa


Director Statement:
Epoch is a visual representation of our connection to earth and it's vulnerable glory.
Our time here is esoteric, limited and intangible.

The fragility which exists in all aspects of life is one thing that is certain.
We are brittle, and so is Mother Earth.

January 14, 2019

Flex Calibre

Flex Calibur was created and produced by a 4-man wrecking crew: Chris Burns, Bob Fox, Gary Doodles and Tommy Sica.

Storyboards by: Chris Burns and Bob Fox
Designs by: Chris Burns
Special Effects: by Bob Fox
Animation by: Exit 73 Studios
Written by: Tommy Sica and Gary Doodles
Songs Written by: Tommy Sica and Gary Doodles
Additional Storyboards: by Gary Doodles
Music by: Tommy Sica
Sound Design and Mix by: Tommy Sica

Additional Lead Guitar by: Joe Salvatore
Additional Mixing by Randy: Pasquarella

Flex Calibur (speaking) - Tara Novick
Flex Calibur (singing) - John Bush
Crom - RicePirate (Mick Lauer)
Gods / Demons / Rookie / Ogre #1 & #2 - Tommy Sica
Ogre #3 - Gary Doodles
Demon Groupies - Cassandra Sica
Backup Vocals - Kristen Elmi