August 10, 2019

Character Design Course for Animators - Part 6

Assignment #6
Using this STYLE GUIDE as reference, create a new character that would be easily integrated in the Rick and Morty universe.

Designs by Justin Roiland and Steven Chunn.

The model pack should include 3 pages:
1 model sheet; 4pt turnaround (clean-up and in full color)
- Front | ¾ Front | Side | ¾ Back
1 pose sheet
1 expression sheet

The pose sheet must have 3 various poses (tie-down) that show the characters range of mobility and body language. The expression sheet must have 6 different expressions (tie-down).

Total of 3 image files (JPG or PNG format)
Dimensions: 1200x700 pixels @ 300dpi

Read: Color Theory
Samples for poses and expressions:

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