August 11, 2019

Character Design Course for Animators - Part 8

Assignment #8
Choose from one of the following design styles:
(A) Disney's Kim Possible
Designs by Stephen Silver
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(B) Gabrielle Vincent's Ernest and Celestine
Designs by Benjamin Renner
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(C) Disney's Mouseworks
Designs based upon the art of
Ian Gooding and Floyd Gottfredson
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

Pick one and research the character design style of your chosen series. Produce 1 new character that would fit in this universe.

Create a model sheet with a 4pt turnaround [Full Color];
Front | ¾ Front | Side | ¾ Back
This design pack should include 2 other pages; 1 expression sheet with 6 expression drawings [Tiedown], and 1 pose sheet with 4 action poses [Tiedown].

Total of 3 image files (JPG or PNG format)
Dimensions: 1200x700 pixels @ 300dpi

Copy+trace, copy+trace, copy+trace - this is how you study the shape language of the character designs you're learning from. The construction, forms, and volumes of the anatomical style can be grasped quickly by tracing and copying.

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