August 12, 2019

Character Design Course for Animators - Part 10

A great set of tips from Animators Island.
See this nice collection of wonderful Production Design.

Choose one of the following seven options for your final Character Design project:

(A) Tom McGillis’ Total Drama Island
Designs by Todd Kauffman

Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(B) Nora Towmey's The Breadwinner
Designs by Reza Riahi and Ross Stewart

Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(C) Disney's Mouseworks 
Designs inspired by the works of Ian Gooding and Floyd Gottfredson

Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(D) WB's Scooby Doo 
Designs inspired by the works of Iwao Takamoto

Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(E) Create a character in your own personal design style





Once you've chosen one of these, create 1 new character in the relevant visual style that would fit in this universe. Produce a 5-page model pack. The first 2 sheets should include a full 8pt turnaround (samples shown below).

Design all 8 views in full color and clean lines. Include 1 expression sheet with 6 expressions (clean, no color), 1 pose sheet with 4 action poses (clean, no color), and 1 mouth chart with 10 mouth shapes (clean lines). See the Style Guides (links shown above, and images shown below) for reference on how to create the expression sheets, action poses, and mouth charts.

Character Model Sheets
Page 1: Front, ¾ Front, Side, ¾ Back (4 views in color)
Page 2: Back, Reverse ¾ Back, Reverse Side, Reverse ¾ Front (4 views in color)
Page 3: Expressions (6 clean line art drawings)
Page 4: Poses (4 clean line art drawings)
Page 5: Mouth Chart - 10 clean line art drawings of mouth shapes (SAMPLES)

30 Design Elements in all
TOTAL of 5 image files (JPG or PNG format)
Dimensions: 1200x700 pixels @ 300dpi
Sample for Pages 1 and 2:

* All views in the rotation must be colored.

Be mindful of all asymmetrical elements through out the rotation.

Samples for Page 3:

Samples for Page 4:

Sample for Page 5:

A: m, b, p,
B: ee
C: a, ah, eh
D: A, AH (extreme)
E: oh, er, ur
F: u, oo, w
G: f, ph
H: L
TH: th
I: closed, t, ch, s, g, sh, j, k, d

The importance of Shape Language in character design:

The psychology of color in designing character models:

Support Material:
Article on Reza Riahi's Art Direction Process
Character Design Theory - Shapes and Forms
Character Line Art Clean-up Tips
Character Painting Tips 1
Character Painting Tips 2
Character Design Tutorial 1
Character Design Tutorial 2
Character Design Tutorial 3
Character Design Tutorial 4
Character Design Tutorial 5
Character Design Tutorial 6
Character Design Tutorial 7
Character Design Tutorial 8
Costume Design Tips
Color Theory 1
Color Theory 2
Color Theory 3
Online Color Designer 1
Online Color Designer 2
Online Color Designer 3
Guide to all the various file types for design and illustration
Guide to improving brush performance in Photoshop

There are lots of courses out there, for just a few bucks you can learn professional techniques from the pros:

If you'd like any feedback on your designs, just shoot me an email. I'll be happy to answer any questions and do draw-overs.

I hope you enjoyed these guides and materials to work with.

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