August 11, 2019

Character Design Course for Animators - Part 9

Assignment #9
Choose from one of the following design styles:

(A) Chris Prynoski's Motorcity
Designs by Robert Valley and David Vandervoort (also see Tron Uprising)
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(B) Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s BoJack Horseman
Designs by Lisa Hanawalt
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(C) Mark Dindall's Cats Don't Dance
Designs by Brian McEntree
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

Pick one and research the character design style of your chosen series. Produce 1 new character that would fit in this universe.

Create a model sheet with a 4pt turnaround [Full Color];
Front | ¾ Front | Side | ¾ Back
This design pack should include 2 other pages; 1 expression sheet with 6 expression drawings [Tiedown], and 1 pose sheet with 4 action poses [Tiedown].

TOTAL of 3 image files (JPG or PNG format)
Dimensions: 1200x700 pixels @ 300dpi

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Landon Kemp said...

The links to the style guides aren't working.

Ron said...

Sorry about that, will fix it in a bit