August 10, 2019

Character Design Course for Animators - Part 7

Assignment #7
Choose from one of the following design styles:

(A) Matt Groening's The Simpsons (or Futurama/Disenchantment)
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(B) Cartoon Saloon's Secret of Kells
Designs by Tom Moore and Ross Stewart
Reference: STYLE GUIDE

(C) Joaquim Dos Santos' Legend of Korra
Designs by Kim Il Kwang, Lauren Montgomery, Christie Tseng and Jin-Sun Kim. Other series to reference are Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron: Legendary Defender, and Young Justice (Designs by Phil Bourassa).

Pick one and research the character design styles of your chosen series. Produce 1 new character that would fit in this universe.

Create a model sheet with a 4pt turnaround;
Front -- ¾ Front -- Side -- ¾ Back [Full Color].
This design pack should include 2 other pages; 1 expression sheet with 8 expressions[Tiedown], and 1 pose sheet with 4 action poses [Tiedown].

Total of 3 image files (JPG or PNG format)
Dimensions: 1200x700 pixels @ 300dpi

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