August 22, 2014

"The Cat Came Back" by Cordell Barker

A nice high quality version of the classic 1988 NFB short. This film, along with The Big Snit, were a major influence on me as a child in my interests of becoming an animator. For me, this is cartooning personified. A catchy tune, lively full animation, and more squash-and-stretch and boiling lines than you can shake a stick at.

August 20, 2014

In Memory of Robin Williams - a Poem by Voice Actor Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen was touched by the loss of Robin Williams in a unique and personal way. Since 2008, he has been the voice of Disney’s Genie character from Aladdin, having voiced him in a series of Disney video games. Williams, of course, famously brought the Genie to life in the original Disney classic.

Moonbeam City - Trailer

August 18, 2014

"Phantom Limb" by Alex Grigg

Written Directed and Animated by Alex Grigg

In the aftermath of an accident a young couple learn to deal with phantom pains. | | |
Phantom Limb is my contribution to Late Night Work Club first anthology- Ghost Stories.
Making of --
For the most part It was ALex Grigg making this little short, but he did get loads of late night help from the exceptionally talented friends in the credits below. Please find them, follow them, love them. They are all brilliant-

Additional Animation By Alexis Sudgen, James Hatley, Jean-Gui Culot, Jarrod Prince, Bill Northcott,
Backgrounds by Colin Bigelow with German Casado, Jason Pamment, Alex Grigg, Bjorn-Erik Aschim
Sound Design & Audio by Oswald Skillbard
Music Written and Performed by Kirsty Tickle and Jonathan Boulet,
Doctor Voiced by Clifford Hume,
Martha Voiced by Sarah Jones,
Compositing by - Ryan Kirby, Alex Grigg, Scott Benson
Digital Ink and Paint by - Rimon Bar, Alexis Sudgen, Jasper Parker Trenfield
Special Thanks-
Rosie Afford, Jake Armstrong, Greg Sharp, Ben Leon, Scott Benson, Bruce and Bronwyn Grigg,
Produced for Late Night Work Club

What if Michael Bay directed "UP"

August 17, 2014

Behind the Scenes of some 2014 Annecy short films

Making of "Coil"

Making of "Fenrir"

Making of "Hors Champ"

"Henchmen" by Bron Studios

This short film created by former Pixar animator Adam Wood is so good that Adam McKay and Will Ferrell will be producing a movie based on it. It tells the story of a clumsy janitor at a museum who accidentally finds himself inside the sophisticated, out-of-control armor of a famous supervillain.

They are aiming for 2016 for the release. Deadline writes:
The synopsis for the feature-length adaptation suggests there will still be a hapless young twerp in a super suit, but will also focus on a "fallen henchman" named Hank overseeing a "motley crew of blue-collar workers in the Union of Evil." The "risk-nothing" sentiments of Hank are challenged when he must become a hero and rescue the kid in the suit and the missing woman he loves.
The best part of all this is the art direction of the film, which appears to combine 3D and 2D animation. Even the 3D rendering is different and far from Pixar's usual polished surfaces, using shaders that make it look like if it were hand colored with markers or acrylics and 2D animated FX to help it look cartoony instead of focusing on off-style particle FX simulations and more of a flat and appealing design style to the effects animation.

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