April 30, 2015

Frank Oz

Full interview with Legendary puppeteer and director Frank Oz.
Discusses his life with Jim Henson, being Yoda, directing movies, and the Muppets.

Hundred Waters: Innocent by Jeremy Clapin

April 29, 2015

The Etch-a-Sketch Animator (1987-1989)

The peak of digital animation technology...

"Averse" by Julien Piau

'The Champ' by Rosemary Travale

Avengers & Old Man

Saving Joule

This is the trailer for a 12 minute short film following a robot's quest to power his ship and re-join his lost fleet. Shown exclusively at Mishkat Centre for Renewable Energy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Spring 2015.
Animation / Compositing - Pete Mellor, Chris Sayer, Jason Arber
Illustration / Art Direction - Luke Best, Spencer Wilson, Miles Donovan / Peepshow Collective
Director - Pete Mellor / Peepshow Collective
Producer - Miles Donovan
Music Editing / Sound Design - Simon Keep / Holkham Sound
Client - The Edge Picture Company / KCA