December 07, 2016

Sergio Pablos Previews Exciting New ‘Klaus’ Animation Test

The project is moving forward. The film is currently staffing up crew in both Madrid, Spain and Montreal, Canada, and yesterday, Pablos’ studio released these “early style tests” that show the different stages of how the animation is created: rough animation, clean-up, ink-and-paint, and multiple lighting passes. Things get interesting in the lighting stages where the characters begin to take on a more three-dimensional appearance.

'Mall 84' by Gervais Merryweather

"The Tiniest Man in the World" Trailer for TV mini series directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella

December 05, 2016

Hyun-min Lee 2D Animation Reel

The Making of Little Witch Academia

A very in depth look at the traditional animation process for this show. It's got an amazing insight at how the artists and directors deal with the pressures of making a deadline and how intense the schedule is with all this crew involved with the production.

Josh's Story - a short film presented by SGCH

Director: Stefan Wernik
Producer: Guy Jamieson
Writer: Jason Cohn
Production Company: The Magnificent Itch
Designers: Jason Pamment & Alexander Watson
Animators: Darragh White & Arthur Collie
2D FX Animator: Quentin Cordonnier
Character Modelling: Tristan Lock
Comping: Jason Morice
Composer: Stephen Frost
Voice Actor: Natasha Beaumont