March 30, 2015

'Aug(de)mented Reality' Is Back

'World of Tomorrow' Trailer

A new short film by Don Hertzfeldt ::: Available on all planets March 31 >>>

When I Was Done Dying

Animators Jake Fried, Chad Vangaalen, Dimitri Stankowicz, Colin White, Taras Hrabowsky, Anthony Schepperd, Masanobu Hiraoka, KOKOFreakbean and Caleb Wood were recently tapped to create a special episode of Adult Swim’s Off The Air. The piece seamlessly weaves its way through different interpretations of the afterlife, set to the tune of Dan Deacon’s “When I Was Done Dying”.

Short interviews with Dan and the animators can be found here:

The making of the original Jurassic Park

March 27, 2015


Made by: Augustin Clermont, Gilles Cortella, Marthe Delaporte, Clement De Ruyter, Maïlys Garcia, Gaspard Sumeire, Pierre Rütz.

Ori and the Blind Forest