July 01, 2015

The Final Shot - A Farewell to Boardwalk Empire

Personally this series falls into my Top 5 Best television shows of all time.

Boardwalk Empire has always been something of a mystery in the crowd of paid-cable prestige dramas. Its creative and production pedigree was unparalleled when it premiered nearly 6 years ago, with a Martin Scorsese-helmed pilot that carried a $4 million budget and was studded with movie talent. It’s never suffered from a particularly large viewership, perhaps because the slow-burn pacing and occasional unevenness of some of the many meandering subplots kept Boardwalk from becoming the compulsively watchable hit HBO must have hoped for. But it’s remained a show incredibly rich in details, both aesthetic and narrative.

Its returning stable of directors (familiar enough that it’s fitting Tim Van Patten turned the lights off) offered a distinctly cinematic aesthetic, and the ensemble of writers (including Winter, Howard Korder, Steve Kornacki, and Christine Chambers) handled a daunting ensemble, who from the leads to the day players were one of the most impeccable casts on TV.

It wasn’t always a smooth road; many of the series’ women petered out after strong introductions, sidelined or ground under the story wheels, and this season in particular has often felt as if loose threads were getting caught in the breeze thanks to a time jump, a shortened season order, and the flashbacks that never quite paid their rent. But perhaps it’s best to leave a show with things left unsaid. The grief of life is inevitable; some of it can wait.

In its characterization and dialogue, in its shots of the lonely shore or a smoky nightclub, in the moments of dry humor or unexpected tenderness, Boardwalk Empire was an often-fascinating portrait of an age. It came and went quietly, but at its best, it told one hell of a story.

It;s an amazing series, if you're a lover of film, you'll appreciate this series, if your love in depth and layered characters, this show is for you! I watched the finally 6 months ago, and just now stumbled upon this HBO special, if you haven't seen the series at all, I guarantee you won't be disapointed, but this video does have SPOILERS:

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June 25, 2015


'A Tax on Bunny Rabbits' by Nathaniel Akin

"A Tax on Bunny Rabbits" premiered at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival. This short film is all text animation, ascii style! No bunnies were harmed in the making of this film. See more of my work at oxen.tv and riotsquad.tv