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Aaron Blaise - Animation Demo on Paper

Pitching and Developing Animated Projects

The Art of the Pitch

Pitching is an art in itself, and a tricky one to master. Animators don't tend to be skilled at pitching; why would be? We're not natural extroverts; if we did - we'd be actors. But to sell a TV or web series, animators need to be able to pitch their ideas.

Common Pitfalls

Pitching is hard to get good at, and there are many pitfalls for the unwary. Common problems include:

Not clearly identifying the title and characters. What is your story about? Your first slide should show clearly what the series title is, and who the main character is - with a good strapline. A good One Sheet will help a lot.

Too much text. Your audience can't read your slides and listen to you at the same time. If they are reading - they aren't listening. Keep text to a minimum; the focus should be on you.

Reading the pitch. Don't read out your pitch - it's boring to hear someone reading a script. Memorise your pitch, and use your slides as visual cues.

Too Many Characters

You should have one main character and then perhaps four supporting characters. Don't get bogged down in the detail of too many other characters - the audience will get confused about who is important.

Too much plot. There is a difference between story and plot. The audience wants to know if your main premise is interesting; they don't need to know too much plot detail.