June 24, 2020

'Quaranteen: A tale of confinement' by Favo Studio

Concept: Favo Studio Direction: Gustavo Carreiro Executive Producer: Hugo Raposo Illustration: Pedro Oliveira, Gabriela Araújo 2D Animation: Élio Mateus, Pedro Oliveira, Gabriela Araújo, Gustavo Carreiro 3D Animation: Élio Mateus Music & Sound Design: Carlos Geraldes Lyrics & Vocals: Hugo Raposo

June 19, 2020

 – 'Manhorse'

Husband’s track “Manhorse” was made by creative duo Jesse Lamar High and Nik Harper aka LAMAR+NIK (previously featured here). All animations were captured in-camera using card stock and transparency sheets. Scanimation or picket fence animation is an optical illusion that originated in the 1890s. To make the base image for the scanimations several frames of video are combined into one interlaced image and then printed on card stock. A transparent bar mask is printed next, placed on top of the interlaced image, and moved back and forth to create the illusion of movement

June 04, 2020

"Be Mine Tonight" by Breakbot+Delafleur

Directed by Gary Levesque
Production: Wizz (Quadgroup)
Producer: Matthieu Poirier
Animation: Remi Bastie, Gianni Bouyeure, Jules Bourges, Basile Cortale, Nathan Harbonn Viaud, James Molle
Character Design: Jocelyn Charles
BG Artist: Fabio Besse
Compositing: Benoit Galland

June 03, 2020

‘There’s A Cat Under The Car’ by Islena Neira

It was all an adventure making this film because there were a lot of new challenges for me as dialogs, light, lots of different characters, watercolor backgrounds, cars, cats, life. I had a pretty clear idea when I wrote it, but once I did the animatic I saw that It was not the way I wanted to tell this story. So I remade it almost entirely before the animatic’s screening at school.

I’m very happy with this film. I had the chance of drawing lots of cats and watch a lot of YouTube videos about cats… ahem… for reference, yes. It was fun making the music, looking for the awesome kids that gave me the voices. I took lots of pictures of Angoulême because I love this place and I wanted the story to happen here. Drawing for this film was very refreshing, It’s so nice when I can be as direct as possible in my drawings.