December 31, 2010

Red Letter Media's Review of "Star Wars: Episode 3"

It's finally here!
The follow up to the incredibly hilarious movie reviews of Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones has arrived! This time he breaks down the final George Lucas pile of crap; Revenge of the Sith:




kaktak:  Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The Shark Side of the Force by Burt Durand

Samuel L. Jackson lost the battle in Star Wars and Deep Blue Sea. There is no chance for him in this Shark vs. Mace illustration by Burt Durand!

The Art of Dan Hipp

Han Solo is so damn cool!
You MUST check out more rad 
Star Wars themed fan art by Dan Hipp.

The Art of Will Murai

The Art of Mark Christiansen

Star Wars Posters

Tyler Stout’s Star Wars Posters will be for sale at Mondo Friday 12/31! Each 24″ x 36″ main edition print will be $50 while the variants will be $100.
Follow @MondoNews for the (Random) “on sale” announcement.
Star Wars Posters by Tyler Stout (Blog)
Via: OMG Posters

Tyler Stout’s Star Wars Posters are on sale at Mondo today! Each 24x36" main edition print will be $50 while the variants will be $100.

The Art of Andrew Hickinbottom

The Art of Florian Nicolle

The Art of Jude Buffum

Rare He-Man Layouts and Boards

Story Artist Robert Lamb worked at Filmation during the 80s as a BG artist, storyboard artist and writer. On his website he has archives of all sorts of layouts from the He-man: Masters of the Universe series, along with plenty of storires about working in the industry and artwork from other animated series from that time period as well.


Tell Your God To Ready For Blood


The Best God Damn show that ever was.