August 16, 2018

Death Explained

Thoughts, musings, and conversations on what happens when life comes to its inevitable conclusion.

Made for TedX Sydney 2018
Directed and animated by Tessa Chong
Sound design by Alister Mew

August 14, 2018

"Dead Cells" video game trailer animated by Bobby Prod for Motion Twin

Production: Bobby Prod
Producer: David Alric
Production Manager: Jérôme Bonnaventurier
Director: Vincent Verniers
Storyboard: Vincent Verniers, Cédric Herole
Background Layout: Victor Delorme
Background Paint: Victor Delorme, Valérie Bousquié
Animators: Balak, Valérie Bousquié, Clément Kubicek, Mandimby Lebon, Vincent Verniers
Color: Gauthier Le Bris
FX: Eric Lefaure
Compositing: Gregoire Peyrot

Gameplay teaser:

Fan Art Animations by Mathilde Vache

Syfy25: Rick Baker - Short Film + MTV Idents - Animations by Rudo Company

August 11, 2018

Erostratus – “Reeling”

2.5D pseudo-pointillism style music video by animator Joe Presser for Brooklyn-based band Erostratus Inspired by German Expressionism and Alchemy, “Reeling” sees the exploratory destruction and elaborate re-creation of people, places, musical instruments, buildings and outer space.