October 16, 2018

"My Super Hero Movie" - Sequence from 'Teen Titans Go To The Movies'

Production Co: Hornet
Director: Benjy Brooke
Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Sang-Jin Bae
Producer: Dez Stavracos
Editor: Anita Chao
Pre Production
Designer: Benjy Brooke
Music: Jacob Jeffries

Lead Animator: Benjy Brooke
Animators: Tyler Dibiasio, Krystal Downs, Tucker Klein, Alex Krokus
Additional Animation: Michael Fegreus, Mike Luzzi, Sara Litzenberger, Harry Teitelman
Cleanup Animators: Benjy Brooke, Tyler Dibiasio, Sami Healy, Tucker Klein, Michael Fegreus, Hazel Zheng, Adam Henderson
Compositors: Benjy Brooke, Bea Walling

October 08, 2018

James Baxter Animation Reel

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Trans-Dimensional Turtles

The Turtles are transported to another dimension where they meet their 1980s counterparts and work together to battle Krang. It also includes a great cross-over into the Eastman/Laird original comic book Turtles as well.