April 30, 2006

Carnage on the Firing Range

On the latest and most exciting gathering of the CGC we tested our newly acquired artillery.

To start, we had some paper targets to warm up and
calibrate our sights. Then we setup our cast of characters.


and AFTER...

The toughest of the bunch:

Mr. Yeti took mulitple shots to the face with no effect, we were only able to knock him down on occasion. These 3 guys are impenetrable thus far.

The soldiers were the overall best, at first it seemed like they were indestructible, then all of a sudden, with one good shot, they'd explode into multiple pieces.

Dr. Octopus is officially in our Hall of Fame. He has consistently been the most resilient of all and has lasted the longest so far. unfortunately the 4th time his head got shot off it presumably distingrated.

The survivors:
Damaged but not yet broken.

And the most challenging obstacle of them all...

Mr. Incredible! After 3 weeks of taking a brutal beating...

We finally cut him down!

But wait, we have a new challenge next week, he's bigger, stronger, and tougher...

It's Mr. Incredible 2 !!!

He promises to avenge his twin brother's death, and to out wit and out last the snipers of next week.
Good luck, Mr. Incredible 2 ... good luck indeed.

Every Saturday at 3pm! Be there!

The Best Use Of Macbook Pro

Killer Links

A massive archive of all the great hidden gags animators had placed in the Looney Tunes cartoons.

Allan Sanders' hilarious website of his best illustrations and animations.

April 29, 2006


Check this site out, it's actually quite funny, lots of YouTube episodes of a Ninja answering e-mail questions.

April 26, 2006

Little Shop of Horrors

Hope you all enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.