May 27, 2019

OSTANOVKA: A Tribute to Bus Stops

There are thousands of bus stops in our country. Some are standart, some are architectural experiments, some are in the steppes, some are by the sea, wooden, concrete or made of glass. There are bus stops full of people, there are those that are lonely. Most of us have already spent several weeks of their lives waiting at bus stops, but we decided to dedicate a couple of weeks more to them by making this project.

Andrey Osadchikh
Stasik Kanevsky
Karina Dehtyar
Rikki Lorie
Alexander Kodarev
Maria Chuhrova
Nikita Selivanov
Soemy Yuka
Flee Wortep
Anton Sakvo
Mankysee Mankydo
Anastasia Kraseva
Denis Pisarev
Katya Blaber
Lil Lipil