May 23, 2022

Animated Trailer for "Hyper Light Breaker" game by Studio Grackle

Directors: Tam Lu, Spencer Wan
Designs: Tam Lu, Curie Lu, Spencer Wan
Key Animation: Weilin Zhang, Alaine Baybayan, Tam Lu, Danny Araya, Spencer Wan
In-between Animation: Curie Lu, Tam Lu
Clean-up Animation: Robby Cook, Serena Wu, Curie Lu, Tam Lu, Spencer Wan
Compositing: WickiToons

2D opening by chinese FLiiiP Design studio for "I am What I am" CG animated feature film by Haipeng Sun

Ambient Swim

A new program produced by Adult Swim for HBO Max. Chill musics + loop animations by Shane Dering, Alex Blain, Lester Chan, Saniel Cuervo, Nikolaos, Nicolas Gemoets, Alex Kiesling, Puks, Florent Tailhades, Brice Maleo, Jongha, Ian Higginbotham, and Nicolas Gardeazabal.

Seung Eun Kim Reel 2022

Forgotten Runes - Wizard's Cult

Produced by Titmouse
Director/Storyboard Arist: Julian Fumagalli
Storyboard Revisionist: Angela Rhee
Character Designers: Tim Nicklas, Jose Luis Rosado, Diego Polieri
Color Keys: Pat Horan, Nacho Malter
Concept Art: Nacho Malter, Julia Oh
Backgrounds: Nacho Malter, Martin Prenassi, Keshan Iam, Kenny Vo
Animators: Jose Luis Rosado, Diego Polieri, Lzyboost, Florian Perron, Xavier Ramonede
FX Animators: Husain Untoro, Naoki Araiza Tokumasu
Clean-Up: Pudoctopus Enterteintment
Compositor: Guillaume Cassuto
Line Producer: Charlie Sweitzer
Production Assistants: Kelly Simmons, Alex Klein

May 17, 2022

The Bad Guys - Proof of Concept (2018)

From Pierre Perifel:
This is where it all started 3 and a half years ago… I isolated for a couple months to do a proof of concept for The Bad Guys movie. It ended up being a fake trailer. We had a first draft of the script, but I wanted to see how it could play on the screen, incorporating the heist genre and my own sense of style, animation and design. I storyboarded the whole thing and shipped it all to my dear animatic editor, John Venzon, to cut it together. Obviously, we used temp music and scratch actors, but ultimately this got us far enough to get us moving into the real deal. Sometimes a proof of concept can be the key to bring everyone onto the same page. Lesson learned, and clearly some of the most creative couple months I ever had. The final film isn’t too far off.

May 01, 2022

Aesop Rock - Long Legged Larry

Directed and animated by Rob Shaw
Original Long Legged Larry design by Jeremy Fish
Character designs inspired by the art of Jeremy Fish
Color Corrected by Stephen Lauser