October 22, 2022

'Noiseman Sound Insect' - by Koji Morimoto & Masaaki Yuasa at Studio 4°C

In a city called, "Champon", a scientist created a synthetic life form called "Noiseman", who erase Hertzian waves of music by transforming it into crystals. A group of street "biker" kids rebel against Noiseman to release their town from his control.

October 09, 2022

'The Legend of Pipi' - by Julia Schoel

A raggedy little cat named “Pipi” goes on a dangerous quest to rescue the Cat Kingdom’s princess after she is suddenly kidnapped by a horrifying beast.

October 04, 2022

Qbomb - Poison Pop

Directed by - The McCaws + Izzy Deluxe
Shot and Edited by - The McCaws
Visual Effects & Post-Production Supervisor - The McCaws
Director of Photography - Kristin Fiduccia (http://kristinfiduccia.com/)
Additional VFX - Dan Tiffany (https://dantiffany.com/)
Animation Lead - John Goransson (@johnnygoransson)
Assistant Animator - Lucy Toner (@LucyToner)
FX Animator - Husain Untoro (@wolfd_untoro)
CG Animation - David Oneacre (@davidoneacre)
Color Supervisor - Kasey Williams (@kaseywllms)
Producer - Allissoon Lockhart
Costumes - Zoë Moss, Megan Lemasurier, Cat Alpert
Makeup FX - Dan Tiffany
Drone Operator - Dan Tiffany
Special Thanks - Kasey Williams, Brian Hill, Cat Alpert, Zoë Moss, Yoav Landau, Sam Haft, Bill Bria, Lydia McCaw

Song written by QBOMB!
Produced by Rob Duffy (http://www.cyclopssound.com) and Machine (http://www.machineshopprod.com)

Bigtop Burger: Season 1

October 03, 2022


Fuelled tells the story of a housewife on the path of revenge for her late husband.
Sheridan college 2021

Group mentor || Jason Par
Original music by || Sebastian Reuten

Special thanks
▪ Yingzhong Hu
▪ Celina Liu
▪ Alex Deadman - wylie
▪ Rebecca Deresse

© KilledtheCat Productions
▪ Michelle Hao
▪ Fawn Chan
▪ Subin Jang
▪ Starlyn Lu
▪ Younghak Jang
▪ Jisoo Kim
▪ Georgia Quinn
▪ Emily Xu
▪ Eido Hayashi
▪ Daniel Blake
▪ Catherine Ivanhoff
▪ Aroona Khiani