January 31, 2007

Anime Simpsons?

Ever wondered what The Simpsons would look like drawn as anime characters? Me either, but after seeing The Simpsonzu by *spacecoyote, I'm all turned around on the issue. The style's more realistic (well, more realistic than The Simpsons) form brings many of the character traits to the fore: Otto looks more terrifying than harmless; Mr. Burns looks decrepit; Krusty is the stuff of children's nightmares and Marge actually comes out looking like a babe.

I was sent this by a friend and usually we would look at, say cool, and move on. But so many people have been passing this around and linking to it, that it found its way in to the Springfield universe and *spacecoyote has been hired by Matt Groening's Bongo Comics to work on a manga version of The Simpsons and 20th Century Fox is talking to her about working on the Futurama revival... and she's Canadian!

Luc Besson's Angel-A Trailer:

Luc Besson breaks new ground in his filmmaking with Angel-A, a movie about a schlub who finds a tall, strikingly beautiful but supernatural woman to accompany him on his exploits. If you remember his sci-fi adventure The Fifth Element, this is the same thing but exchanging sci-fi for art house. If there's one regret in Luc Besson's life, it's that he didn't create Bewitched.

Long Live Hirshfeld - The Line King:

Tire Art

Chewing Gum

January 30, 2007

Blades of Glory


Here's the poster for Will Ferrell's latest vehicle. It's not the actual mechanics of the slogan "Kick Some Ice" that bothers me so much (though, believe me, it does bother me how little "ice" resembles "ass"), more that it's just so vaguely relevant, only chosen because it's a play on words of sorts. "Go Figure" or "Lutz of Laughs" are just as appropriate taglines. Despite all this, I'm sure it will be a very funny movie.

Here's a music video for all you Karate Kid fans out there:

Just click on this image, then on "Just Watch The Video".