December 31, 2006

The Iron Giant

If you're half the Iron Giant fan that I am, you'll love this site. It's all the models, key poses, production art, storyboards, and information you could dream of:


A nice little film by Daniel Martinez Lara.
See the hi-res Divx/AVI here.

December 28, 2006

Movie News

First Peek at Silver Surfer


From USA Today comes the first look at the Silver Surfer in the new Fantastic Four. His smooth head and concerned eyes make him reminiscent of a young, silver Montel Williams, but only the real Montel is naive enough to believe in psychic Sylvia Browne so strongly as to bring her in every Wednesday (and sometimes Fridays, during the summer).

For those unfamiliar with the comic, Silver Surfer is an intergalactic herald to the powerful Galactus, devourer of worlds. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he was based on the misjudged timeless popularity of surfing in the '60s, similar to the later creations of Golden Rollerbladeer and Captain Segwayer.

See the trailer here.

Grindhouse Teaser


The teaser trailer for the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino double-feature Grindhouse is on Yahoo! Movies. With this, 300, and Spidey, it's gonna be a great summer for movies.

Optimus Prime is Covergirl


Aware that many fans are upset by the Transformer redesign, they've decided to put Optimus Prime in the dark for the cover of Empire Magazine. I find the lack of lens flares disheartening.

Tons of Turtles Stills


There are plenty of high-resolution stills from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie over here, including the above shot of Splinter's keepsake room, revealing a very famous piece of headgear from his past. Resting on the glass case, a Robin Hood hat reminds us of Splinter's experimental trysts with Errol Flynn.

December 23, 2006


Collideascope Animation Studios did a little fund raising this year. Instead of doing the usual in-house Secret Santa thing, we decided to pool all our loose change together and see how much money the 75+ employees here could raise in 4 weeks for the
IWK Children's Hospital

(a local care and treatment center for kids with illness).

We raised $2000 total then Collideascope founders/producers doubled it! Making a grand total of $4000 raised for charity! Unfortunately for Mark "The Nature Boy" Cappello, he lost a little wager in the process. His department raised the least amount of money, thus he had to run around the block at -3 degree weather in underwear only. Witness the horror first hand here:

Saturday morning front page news!!

December 16, 2006

Which gang would you join?


The evolution of gaming is here…literally! SPORE is a video game developed by Will Wright (maker of Sim City/The Sims). In SPORE you start as microbs and evolving to the point where your creatures leaves their planet to explore planets other peoples world they made on-line. You can create any creature imaginable! Will Wright had his team build a Care Bear! Do you have a puppet character you think would make an excellent world creature? Or perhaps you have tried to draw a character in 2D but wish you could develop it into a 3D interactive character, now you can. Check out Will Wrights tutorial here! I recommend watching it until the care bear appears. A release date is still TBA. You can also go here to read more about the different stages of gameplay and the technical aspects of the game: HERE

You’ll find the video HERE

Pete Doherty gets animated, then drunk.

A cartoon depiction of the misadventures of Pete Doherty is headed to television screens, according to the BBC. As if his life isn't enough of a cartoon already. He looks disgusting yet dates a supermodel and gets caught repeatedly with hard drugs, sprays people with blood, and injects passed out women but never goes to prison. At this point, authorities must have realized that incarcerating him would only lead to his painting a hole on the wall and escaping.