July 31, 2020

Here Winter

This short is based on the short wordless comics by Korean illustrator Kyutae about coldness and warmth in Jeong-reung and India.

"Winter here is bitter and cold, I must leave before I stay. I leave at the edge of winter. Winter there is warm and gentle."

July 23, 2020

One After The Other

Director: Nicolas Pégon
Animation: Mathieu Bétard, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Emmanuel Lantam, Nicolas Pégon
Music: Grant Sabin
Sound Designer: Sam Ripault
Sound Editor: Yan Volzy
Audio Mix: Adrien Martre
Production Studio: Miyu

July 16, 2020

Night Runner - Magnum Bullets

Director: Patrick Stannard
Story: Patrick Stannard, India Swift, Chrissy Underwood
Animation: Patrick Stannard, India Swift, Hardik Manktala, Elle Power, David Liu, Nas Pasha
Backgrounds: Michael Doig, Renee Violet