February 28, 2009


Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder, is the 4th Futurama movie and so far my favorite, in my opinion they got better and better but I've enjoyed them all. I've always loved all things Futurama and of course I was thrilled when production stated on four 90-minute DVD features.

Here's a deleted scene from the last one that was released last week.


Get Clean Coal Clean!

The Art of Tom Rhodes

The Art of Casper Konefal

The Art of Christian Faur

This incredible artist uses wax crayons as 'pixels' to create imagery, the results are simply stunning.

The Art of Josh Cochran

The Art of Joe Lambert

February 17, 2009

"The Magic Gnomes" A Flash Short by Mike Moloney

Great new HD Title Sequence for The Simpsons

Family Guy Bales Out

Woman exercises husband to death

CHARDON, Ohio — A woman has pleaded guilty to reckless homicide for exercising her 73-year-old husband to death in a swimming pool, repeatedly refusing to let him leave the water.

Surveillance video showed Christine Newton-John, 41, pulling James Mason around the pool by his arms and legs, said Middlefield police Chief Joseph Stehlik.

The chief said he counted 43 times in which Newton-John prevented her husband from leaving the water, and Mason rested his head on the side of the pool several times while gasping for breath.

"The video is bone-chilling," Stehlik said. "The whole case is very sinister."

Mason had a heart attack June 2 after the extended swim session.

An officer who had investigated previous complaints that Mason was being abused pursued the case because he suspected there was more to the death, Stehlik said.

Newton-John pleaded guilty Thursday and faces up to five years in prison. No sentencing date was set.

Police did not immediately respond to a call Saturday seeking comment on a motive.

The video would have had a profound effect on a jury, Geauga County prosecutor David Joyce said.

But that wouldn’t have been enough for a conviction if Newton-John had been charged with murder.

"You can see the man struggling for his life on the tape, but there is no audio, so we couldn’t hear what he was saying," he said.

Geauga County Chief Public Defender Robert Umholtz, who represented Newton-John, declined to comment.

Mason was a longtime friend of his wife’s family.

He knew her as John Vallandingham before she had gender reassignment surgery in 1993 and changed her name in honour of the singer and star of the hit movie version of the musical Grease.

The couple were wed in 2006 in Kentucky, where people can change their gender on their birth certificate.

February 09, 2009


Warning - Explicit Language - Do Not Watch

Victor Solomon has gone through all the episodes of The Sopranos and edited together a video featuring every instance of swearing.

I'm On A Boat

Batwoman's Out - As A Lesbian!


The big announcement from DC Comics at New York Comic Con?

A lesbian superhero!!

Batman will be taking a backseat in 2009 and handing the Detective Comics series over to Batwoman, who will mark the publisher's "most high profile title starring a gay superhero."

Batwoman is gay?? DC is planning for 12 issues featuring the openly gay superhero starting in June.

Via Perezhilton


Check out the huge collection here.
The genius behind some of these creations: Mike Rivamonte

Brad Bird Interview

Bird talks about a new live action film he's writing, about Repetitive Stress Injuries at Pixar and about future projects at Disney & Toy Story 3.
Read it here.

February 07, 2009

How To Defend Yourself

Flirting with Magic

So, Valentine's day is fresh on the horizon, but you're single guy. Like most singles on valentines, you'd rather not end up drunkenly crying yourself to sleep to that Rick Astley record like last year. Fret not, friends! Help is on the way!

February 03, 2009

Kick Ass Tricycle Jump!

Laughing Gas Kid

More Behind The Scenes of 'Coraline'

County Ghost - Episode 4

The Art of Tiffany Prothero

TNG episode 13 - "Was machst du, Data?"

The Next Generation episode 10: It's not lupus

The Next Generation Episode 12: Bridge Buffoonery

The Next Generation Episode 2: Beard on Beard

The Next Generation Episode 9: A Fistful of Explosions

The Next Generation Episode 11: La Pittura del Commandante

The Next Generation Episode 5: The NaQed Now

The Next Generation Episode 3: Guilty Pleasures