September 29, 2012

"Save My Burning Baby" by Adam Gunn - A Short Film made with Flash 3 (1999)

McDonalds Happy Meal Ad

Does any one know who produced the 2D animation in this commercial?
I love the style of it.

September 26, 2012

"Negative Nimbus" by CloudKid

Here's the trailer for CloudKid's upcoming iOS game Negative Nimbus. The trailer was Directed by Mike Annear and Dave Schlafman, and animated by the talented Mike Nordstrom using Flash and AfterEffects. The game was conceived during their very first game jam, and has been a real labor of love for everyone at CloudKid. On the website there is also a development blog about the making of the game and it's animation.

Stephen McCranie's "Doodle Alley"

Check this out!
Stephen's draws for a children's comic book series called Mal and Chad and currently works on a series of essays on creative sustainability.
Here's a sample of his works, a strip called "Proactive Not Reactive".

Download Goodies - Part 5

Resources and References for Animators
"Cats Don't Dance" Model Pack (Character Designs, Layouts, and Sketch Poses)

"Will Eisner: Theory of Comics & Sequential Art" - Great reference for storyboard artists

Walt Disney Sample Portfolio Notes

Animation Resources' Tumblr Page

Tips on the Run Cycle

Ratatouille Concept Art

"The Physics Behind the Basics of Animation" by George Nash

Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to 3D Computer-Generated Animation

Victor Navone's Tutorials

Choosing a Career in Visual Effects

Acting References from live action films

"Reference Reference" - Very large video archives for animators to use for motion reference

Even MORE amazing action reference videos, walks, runs, jumps, everything!

High-Speed (super slow-motion) Video Clip Archives
BBC Life in Slow Motion collection
Discovery Channel "Time Warp" TV show videos (on Youtube)
Edgerton Center High-speed Imaging links
Fastec Imaging video gallery
Mega Speed (see samples under the different categories)
NAC Image Technology video gallery
Photron video gallery
Pirate (UK high-speed video company) video gallery
Speed Vision Technologies video gallery
The SlowMo Guys video gallery
20/20 Hindsight industry video gallery
Video Demonstrations (real-time engineering and physics videos with audio narration)

Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects Resources for Animators
Comments: Thousands of free sound effects and loops, with tagged browsing.
Limitations: Free for commercial and non-commercial use, but must comply with their terms of use (attribution optional, but no reselling unless part of a complete work). See the copyright/legal section at the bottom of the FAQ for more information.
Comments: Great collection of music loops meant specifically for use in Flash audio.
Limitations: Check the site's Creative Commons license for attribution requirements.
Comments: Among other things, FlashKit offers a large collection of audio loops and effects for use in Flash movies.
Limitations: Read the usage guidelines for the different usage rights for various tracks.
Comments: Browse by feel or genre. Music only.
Limitations: Music must be credited in your work. Author (Kevin Macloed) requests a $5 donation to support the site, but not required.
Common Content
Comments: Searchable catalog of work licensed under Creative Commons; includes images and movies as well.
Limitations: Check details on each audio download for licensing and attribution requirements under Creative Commons.
Comments: Music, loops, beats, sound effects, even ringtones.
Limitations: Only the sound clips on the page provided are free. Everything else on the site is paid.
Comments: A site containing remixes licensed under Creative Commons. It can be a little confusing to figure out how to download in MP3 format, but you'll get there.
Limitations: Check the Creative Commons license associated with each track before you use it. According to the FAQ, most of the music on the site is free and legal for any use, anywhere, but you're advised to check individual tracks for different licensing and restrictions.
Comments: A wide variety of downloadable loops and audio clips.
Limitations: Site says “free for personal use only” at the very bottom. May be restrictions for commercial use.
Comments: Sounds, effects, and music samples. Check the upper right hand corner to switch the language to English if you get lost.
Limitations: Check Creative Commons licensing for attribution requirements; some rights reserved.
NewGrounds Audio
Comments: Anything from midi loops to wav remixes to voice audio clips – some good, some downright awful.
Limitations: Check each track for licensing and attribution requirements. Be aware that users on Newgrounds may create remixes/loops without permission of the original copyright holder. Loops
Comments: Collections of royalty-free music loops.
Limitations: None; donation requested but not required.
Comments: Royalty-free sounds under Creative Commons.
Limitations: Check Creative Commons licensing for attribution requirements.
Comments: Over 1200 searchable, royalty-free sound effects in MP3 and RealPlayer format (people still use RealPlayer?) If you keep clicking your language and wondering why you're not getting anywhere, look for the little button at the bottom that says “Got the right language? Click here!”
Limitations: Check Creative Commons licensing for attribution requirements.
Comments: Downloadable packet of free sound effects.
Limitations: May require e-mail registration before use.

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All copyrights belong to their respective owners and publishers.

September 24, 2012

Star Wars by Otaking77077

With 500,000 views in 1 week, this Star Wars + Robotech Anime style just screams to be made into a series.

Sergio Pablos Masterclass

Here's the last two clips that was made for the Sergio Pablos Masterclass (former Animation Supervisor at Disney). In these two sessions, Sergio talks about the importance of a well developed character design and how important it is to create believable physics while being complementary to the acting.

Cats Don't Dance Model Sheets - Part 2

Character Designs, Rough Poses, Layouts, Color Keys
Courtesy of CDD4ever

See Part 1.