August 31, 2018

August 29, 2018

The Dover Boys ReAnimated

I Am Oak – “Will I Wake”

A dreamy hand-drawn animation by Thijs Kuijken (aka I Am Oak) for his track “Will I Wake.” Offering an audio-visual exploration of the fluid-like nature of memories, the video is made up of roughly 2000 drawings, which took Thijs about 107 hours to do all by himself.

August 27, 2018

Streets of Rage 4

Too Mad – “Mind Invaders”

The residents of Cat City confront an unknown terror in this elaborate animated video for Too Mad’s track “Mind Invaders”. Directed by Tricktrabanten aka Kilian Vilim, Etienne Mory and Frederic Siegel of creative collective Team Tumult.

August 25, 2018

The Return of the Mega Crab

London/LA-based studio Waste Creative draws inspiration from 1940s propaganda art in this bold animation for Boom Beach’s global in-game big boss event. Wanting to create an announcement that would push the game assets in a different direction, the team seamlessly merged 2D elements with 3D modelled characters and backgrounds, before printing out every frame, ripping the paper for a handmade look, and stop-motion animating the entire thing! As they explained to us, their goal was to create a spot that would be “disruptive for the brand, unexpected for the community, and showed a level of care and craft unlike anything created previously.”

Check out “The Return of the Mega Crab” above as well as the short making-of below!

August 24, 2018

Vels Trio – “40 Point” feat. Shabaka Hutchings by Steph Hope

Genesis Motion Design

Instead of making a demoreel, this Singapore based studio animated their "Manifesto".
Last year, we wrote a company manifesto to talk about our beliefs, culture, and approach to work. It was also a chance for us to be our own client, and display our skillsets. Initially, it was a mess, a mixture of 2D, 3D, realistic and artistic.

A fresh new start this year got us thinking about what we were really good at, and with this, we've re-aligned our direction with an even sharper focus on bettering ourselves day by day, project by project.

Presenting to you, our Manifesto...

Produced by: Genesis Motion Design
Conceptualisation: Rachael Lum, Rohan Lorenz, Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Bryan Sim, Natalie Ang, Darren Shieh, Benjamin Ang
Director: Benjamin Ang
Art Direction: Rachael Lum, Benjamin Ang
Producer: Darren Shieh
Designers: Rachael Lum, Rohan Lorenz, Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Bryan Sim, Natalie Ang
Animators: Rachael Lum, Rohan Lorenz, Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Bryan Sim, Natalie Ang, Jay Septimo
Music: GRYD
Special Thanks: James Lee

August 18, 2018

‘Rick Baker’ (Rudo’s Cut)

Rudo Company (Argentina) animated the childhood memories of special make-up effects artist Rick Baker, and the first time he saw Godzilla. Produced for Syfy 25th anniversary.

August 17, 2018

Spongebob Squarepants: Ink Lemonade - Animatic

Written By: Kaz
Storyboard by: Kelly Armstrong
Plussed by: Dave Cunningham
Animatic By: Estrella Capin

August 16, 2018

Death Explained

Thoughts, musings, and conversations on what happens when life comes to its inevitable conclusion.

Made for TedX Sydney 2018
Directed and animated by Tessa Chong
Sound design by Alister Mew

August 14, 2018

"Dead Cells" video game trailer animated by Bobby Prod for Motion Twin

Production: Bobby Prod
Producer: David Alric
Production Manager: Jérôme Bonnaventurier
Director: Vincent Verniers
Storyboard: Vincent Verniers, Cédric Herole
Background Layout: Victor Delorme
Background Paint: Victor Delorme, Valérie Bousquié
Animators: Balak, Valérie Bousquié, Clément Kubicek, Mandimby Lebon, Vincent Verniers
Color: Gauthier Le Bris
FX: Eric Lefaure
Compositing: Gregoire Peyrot

Gameplay teaser:

Fan Art Animations by Mathilde Vache

MTV Idents - Animations by Rudo Company

August 11, 2018

Erostratus – “Reeling”

2.5D pseudo-pointillism style music video by animator Joe Presser for Brooklyn-based band Erostratus Inspired by German Expressionism and Alchemy, “Reeling” sees the exploratory destruction and elaborate re-creation of people, places, musical instruments, buildings and outer space.

August 04, 2018

LUC "Glow" music video directed by Vincenzo Lodigiani (Dress Code studio)

Produced by: Dress Code
Director: Vincenzo Lodigiani
Design: Elena Chudoba, Vincenzo Lodigiani
Animation: Erika Bernetich, Elaine Lee, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Rasmus Löwenbrååt

August 01, 2018

'#Tweets2Grams Compilation' by GiantAnt

T-Mobile // #Tweets2Grams Compilation from Giant Ant on Vimeo.

Client: T-Mobile
Agency: 247 Laundry Service
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Cory Philpott
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Art Direction & Design: Rafael Mayani
Animation: Sitji Chou, Taylor Peters, Conor Whelan, Chris Anderson, Henrique Barone, Shawn Hight, Justin Lawes,
Compilation Audio: Ambrose Yu

"OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes" promotional film by Le Cube studio (Argentina) for Cartoon Network Latin America

Animatic/Rough Layout: