September 30, 2009

They Might Be Giants - "Here Comes Science"

“Science is Real”
Directors: David Cowles, Andy Kennedy
Character Design: David Cowles
Backgrounds: David Cowles, Andy Kennedy
Animation: Andy Kennedy, Chris Conforti, Adam Sacks, Sean McBride

“Put It to the Test”
Directors: David Cowles, Jeremy Galante

“How Many Planets?”
Director: Colourmovie

“Electric Car”
Directors: Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata

“Why Does the Sun Shine?”
Director: Hine Mizushima

“Meet the Elements”
Director: Feel Good Anwyay

The Gulls - an animated short made from an audio clip from Hitchcock's "The Birds"

Michael Stevenson's "Pigeon Pilfer"

Paul Rayment's "Dance of the Neon Knight"

Wrong Hole Song

Tenacious T

Tenacious Toys has some great mercenary
robot figures, check it out!

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Trailer #2

Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator

Feeling inarticulate? Critically gauche? Or just verbally impotent? Salvation is here! With the Instant Art Critique Phrase Generator you need never again feel at a loss for pithy commentary or savvy 'insights.' With this device you can speak about Art with both authority and confidence.

Use this marvelous tool to amaze and confound friends and colleagues. Don't miss this opportunity to menace and dumbfound professors and artists emerita! Here's an example of an Art Critique Phrase.

New Art By Bansky






Wujoco Animation's Trailer for "Angel Vitamina"

ABBA The Last Video

Four small puppets who look very much like a certain original Swedish supergroup from the seventies are trying to get a recording contract in Stockholm, Sweden 1974.

September 29, 2009

Awesome thing of the day

Here's John Matrz's character doodle done with the amazing Odosketch, an online sketching application that attempts to replicate the experience of drawing with natural media. The coolest feature, watch them get redrawn before yours eyes.

Use a stylus instead of a mouse, it will obviously work best, and you can save your work.

"Insert Coin" by

September 28, 2009

It's a wonderful day for pie

CGI-Brows are finally here!

“This will literally change the face of the motion picture industry” – Mark Kermode


Marvel Comics has generously donated 100 blank-covered cardstock copies of the new “Hulk” #1 to The Hero Initiative. The call went out to create a new, Hulk-centric “Ultimate 100,” and dozens of artists put pen to paper. Those involved include well-known Hulk vets such as Sal Buscema, Mike Deodato Jr., Ron Garney, Ed McGuinness, Don Perlin, Herb Trimpe, Ron Wilson, and more. In addition, Marvel superstars such as J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Frank Cho, David Finch, Joe Quesada and John Romita Sr. stepped up to add their own take on ol’ Greenskin.

“100 HULKS” Charity Auction Gallery, Part I
“100 HULKS” Charity Auction Gallery, Part II
“100 HULKS” Charity Auction Gallery, Part III
“100 HULKS” Charity Auction Gallery, Part IV
(via io9)

Obama or Obamabot?

The Art of Jullian Callos

Pharaoh Vader: The T-Shirt & Hex After Hex: A movie with Darth Vader

Today's Tee Fury t-shirt is Pharaoh Vader by Jimiyo.

Hex After Hex: A movie with Darth Vader

Hex After Hex

Ok, I have to talk about this movie I saw over the Chinese New Year weekend. It's a Chinese film called Hex After Hex, made in 1982. The movie is about a ghost that possesses the body of a dead girl so she can have a muscley, living boyfriend.

The first three minutes or so of the movie is that guy's painted face, pretty much just making random noises and looking around while the credits show up.

Hex After Hex

Hex After Hex

There is a random animated bit of the ghost girl for no reason too! So stuff happens, the building they live in is going to get torn down, so the ghost girl uses her undead powers to pretend to be Yoda, and then Darth Vader from Star Wars to scare away the construction crew.

Hex After Hex

Hex After Hex

But the best part is that when "Darth Vader" hits them with his lightsabre, their clothes disappear! So the construction crew runs out of the building naked, and the police chase them. AMAZING! Other stuff happens too, and the finale of the movie is a three way spirit possession fight and then a statue of who I think was supposed to be Thomas Jefferson comes alive and then turns into a slot machine that hits the jackpot and starts spitting out gold at the boyfriend so he can buy back his apartment buildings and become a real estate developer. THE END!

Hex After Hex

Hex After Hex

Hex After Hex

Yeah, it's pretty amazing, I know! Also, the production company, Shaw Brothers, has a pretty fantastic logo.

Hex After Hex

Anyways, So I guess the morale of the story is, when you go to buy foreign movies, the best thing to do is just look at covers and pick out what looks good, because MAN this one was a gem!

Here's the Trailer:

[Via piratecore]

Also... Julian Callos's Batmen vs. Vader - Click to Enlarge:

What Facebook Is For

Grizzly Bear - "While You Wait For The Others"


Click HERE for more pics and info.

Luke Jerram has created beautiful glass models of diseases such as swine flu, E.Coli, and smallpox to contrast with traditional medical renderings - these bacterium are actually transparent in nature.

In Jerram's words:

"Its great to be exploring the edges of scientific understanding and visualisation of a virus. Scientists aren't able to answer many of the questions I ask them, such as how the RNA is exactly fitted within the Capsid? At the moment, the technology isn't there to answer all these questions for certain. I'm also pushing the boundaries of glassblowing. Some of my designs simply can't be created in glass, Some are simply too fragile and gravity would cause them to collapse under their own weight. So there's a very careful balancing act that needs to take place, between the limitations of current scientific knowledge and glassblowing techniques."


The LED Pin by Korea designer Sungho Lee. The LED Pin with a LED lighting.

Robbert Bobbert and The Bubble Machine - "We Are Superheroes" By Victor Courtright

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