September 17, 2009

Henry Gibson Dies at 73

henry-gibson.jpgThe Glitterati Grim Reaper has claimed another victim. 73-year-old actor Henry Gibson died in his home Monday following a short battle with cancer.

Gibson is best known for his work on the late '60s series Laugh-In, on which he famously delivered weekly poems. Later generations would come to know him as Haven Hamilton in Nashville, a Nazi in Blues Brothers, a priest in Wedding Crashers, and a rich, gay barfly in Magnolia who reminds us, "It's a dangerous thing to confuse children with angels." (It's true, I think.)

How about we enjoy how good he is in that scene now?

When I was a kid I remember seeing him "The Burbs", strangely enough he looked old then but he didn't seem to age at all over the last 20 years. By the way, The Burbs is a VERY funny movie, go watch it NOW!

Rest in peace, old man whose name I never remembered but always recognized in things.

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