March 31, 2016

"Beer" short film by Nerdo studio - Based on a Charles Bukowski poem

BEER is a free interpretation of the poetry “Beer” from Charles Bukowski. The composition is a manifesto of the author’s way of life, this is why we decided to go inside the author’s mind, and it is not a safe journey. A brain solo without filter, a tale of ordinary madness, showing how much loneliness and decadence can be hidden inside a genius mind.

March 28, 2016

'Typha' - by Monkey Factory

Made by Raphaël Etiévant, Jonas Genevaz, Aurélie Gomez, Thomas Landrein, Yoann Oignet, and Louis Murais

March 21, 2016

European Animated Short Film Projects presented at last week's 2016 Cartoon Movie Festival

Spirit Seeker

By Sun Creature Studio makers of 'The Reward', a co-production with Norlum and Bo Juhl Nielsen as directors.


By Ugo Bienvenu & Kevin Manach from Miyu Productions.


A 2D/3D short film from the studio Platige Image, a co-production with Animoon & Juice.

Moustique, Cigale & Cambriole
by Cédric Babouche from Dandelooo studio.

Louise in the Winter 
by Jean-François Laguionie.

The Childhood of Martha Jane Canary
by Rémi Chayé, produced by Maybe Movies & Sacrebleu, based on the story of Calamity Jane. Nominated for Best Director

by Denis Do from Les Films d'Ici & Epuar.

Heart of Darkness
by Rogério Nunes from Les Films d'Ici.

Night of the Trampires
by Mike Mort, from Trampires, Blue Dolphin Films & Animatrix Chuck Steel).

by José Miguel Ribeiro & Jorge António, from Filmes da Praça, S.O.I.L., & Geração 80.

Mind My Gap
by Rosto, produced by Studio Rosto with Submarine & Autour de Minuit.

Old Man Coyote
by Aron Gauder with Cinemon Entertainment

The Light Catcher
by Bruno Bozzetto.

by Alain Gagnol & Jean-Loup Felicioli with Folimage & Lunanime.

Showcased pilot episodes:

The Character & Location Designers of 'Zootopia'

A lot of visual development art for the film has appeared online, here's some links to the best sources:

Via OnAnimation.

March 11, 2016

Childhood of Tomorrow: The Incredible Retrofuturism Art of Simon Stålenhag

It does not take many words to describe the art of Simon Stålenhag, Swedish artist whose works speaking for themselves. Landscapes of a future perfect straight out from the covers of the sci-fi volumes, modern machines but not too rarefied spaceships, space poetry. But even dinosaurs found, nature (almost) pristine, the firm search through a great color palette of a surreal but true...

Via design you trust.