January 31, 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye

These images are from the book Zoom by Istvan Banyai

The story begins here and
ends below.

Scroll downward slowly and

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$18,000 Rethink Scholarship

Calling all you aspiring art directors and designers in the Vancouver area! Rethink ad agency is offering the chance to win a two-year $18,000 scholarship to Langara College’s Communication and Ideation Design program.

To apply, fill a sketch book anyway you want, or take one apart and re-build it into something totally different!

Get full details here: rethinkscholarship.com!

How Modern TVs Ruin Old Games


NFG World has a great post about how new televisions interpret “old” technology. Between screen curvature, aspect ratios, and scan lines, television displays have changed quite a bit in the last few years. The post outlines the changes that have happened, and fixes to settings you can adjust to help emulate the experience you had the first time around.

Polar Bears

Your flight has an impact. Plane Stupid's new cinema ad, written and commissioned by creative agency Mother and made by production company Rattling Stick. Director Daniel Kleinman.
"We wanted to confront people with the impact that short-haul flights have on the climate. We used Polar Bears because they're a well understood symbol of the effect that climate change is having on the natural world."

BlenderGuru's Top 10 3D/CGI Animated Shorts of 2009

10. Fallen

Fallen features the most unlikely of main characters: a falling asteroid. The short follows his quick descent down to earth as he deals with the concept of life and death. The ending is executed perfectly, and more than nails home the point: Live your life to the fullest, regardless of the end.

January 30, 2010

Goodbye, Old Friend: Miramax Officially Gone

miramax.jpgAfter 31 years of operation, Miramax, the Weinstein-founded company known for its independent spirit, is closing the doors on its New York and LA offices today, officially killing the company. The closure will put 80 people out of their jobs, and your Pulp Fiction and Clerks DVDs will stop working by the end of the week. Truly, the end of an era, and of course it happens the day after I finish writing a film with lot of really clever dialogue that may be too edgy for mainstream audiences. Via iwatchstuff

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