June 30, 2011


Get blown away by SIT’s on-line portfolio! See it here

Things Organized Neatly

Another cool blog from tumblr! This one collects photos of all things organized neatly !

Don't be 'texting' in the theater

What an interesting piece of advertising! Big thumbs up to the people behind this spot!

The Art of Dragan Bibin

See more here

The Art of Jon McCoy


June 28, 2011

Johnny Test - Season 2 / Episode 11B - Animatic

Notice storyboard artist Dave Pemberton's unique drawing style through this episode. His staging is clean & simple, and his posing is very energetic.

June 25, 2011

June 24, 2011

Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Kirby Ferguson's long awaited follow up -- Everything is a Remix Part 3

See the previous chapters: Kirby Ferguson

Gobelins - Another Batch of Films

by Joël Corcia, Wandrille Maunoury, Bong Nguyen, Thomas Reteuna and Bernard Som

Oh gee Oh why
by Hanne Galvez, Yoann Hervo, Juliette Laurent, Stéphanie Mercier and Pierre Zenzius

Grand Central
by Charlotte Cambon, Théo Guignard, Noé Lecombre, Hugo Moreno, Soizic Mouton

Lights out
by Aloyse Desoubrie Binet, Sandrine Han Jin Kuang, Stéphanie Pavoine, Jonathan Vermersch, Etienne Metois

Hello Brooklyn
by Alice Bissonet, Benjamin Moreau, Corentin Penloup, Marion Roussel and Louis Thomas

Mathias Lachal’s "Chute"

366 Tage

366 Tage (366 Days) is the CG graduation film by Johannes Friedrich Schiehsl. It's about a paramedic who sees patients’ needs with fresh eyes. Their diseases and medical issues are one issue, but loneliness is their true problem. The lighting and composition is fantastic!

Pixar's BRAVE - more art stuff

The studio’s first fairy tale (and their first film with a female protagonist), Brave centers on Princess Merida, a skilled archer who accidentally sets evil upon the Scottish highlands when she is granted an ill-fated wish. The phenomenal voice cast includes Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane, and Julie Walters.

The Art of Eric Fraser

Eric Fraser - Red Dragon Express
Eric Fraser - Beowulf
Eric Fraser - Exploration of the Moon

Eric Fraser - The Laxdale Saga

Check out this Flickr group: Eric Fraser – artist and illustrator
Go here to buy Eric Fraser: Designer and Illustrator
a hardback coffee table book compiled by Sylvia Backemeyer.