December 31, 2021

The Making of Anomalisa

December 30, 2021

The Rise of Arcane

December 29, 2021

December 27, 2021

'Light Catcher' - Tribute to Donghua (modern Chinese animation)

Directed by Somei with UoU / LAN / PB animation studios - Produced by Bilibili

Luigi's Long Night

The Works of Kosperry

These a practially full-color character layout passes for beautiful feature-quality 2D animated sequences, brillant work.

More here.

December 17, 2021

Maya and The Three "Exquisite Corpse" - Series Promo by Radio studio

Animators: Gabby Zapata, Carles Dalmau, Rafael Mayani, Markus Magnusson, Aarón Martinez, Venturia Animation Studios, Jonni Phillips, Fernanda Frick, Grand Chamaco, Leandro Martinez

December 04, 2021

Millennium Parade - Trepanation

Director: Ryoji Yamada (mimoid)
Creative Director: Shu Sasaki (millennium parade / PERIMETRON)

Producer: Hiroshi Yamakawa (MULTRA)

Yasuhiro Tomita
Ryoji Yamada (mimoid)
Hideki Inaba (mimoid)
Masanobu Hiraoka (mimoid)
Tetsuya Tatamitani
Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi
Yurika Someya
Choi seo yeon
Tomoe Obayashi
Miho Kidoguchi

Color Art:
Wakana Kuraguchi
Rina Koide
Ai Takeda

Composite Editor:
Shohei Inayoshi
Mina Sanda

Concept Artists:
Tomoya Sato (WACHAJACK)
Sha Sanzen (WACHAJACK)

Online Editor: Takahiro Ota (KASSEN)

Production Manager: Upcoming Imoto

‘Reneepoptosis’ By Renee Zhan

November 28, 2021

Valorant - 'Die For You' | by The Line Studio for Riot Games

Director: Max Taylor, Wesley Louis
Art Director: Bruno Mayor
Story Writer: Gemma Weekes
Story Developement: Liam Engels
Beatboard: Simon Leclerc
Storyboard: Vincent Albert, Shen Yi, Malcolm Wope
Editor: Max Taylor
Concept Art: Elliott Kajdan, Simon Leclerc, Bruno Mayor, Tomas Osang Muir, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Igor Piwowarczyk, Arnaud Tribout
Character Design: Jander Gonzalez, Andrius Matijosius
Weapons Design: Wesley Louis
Modelsheets: Amanda Jespersen Holm
Character Layout: Amanda Jespersen Holm, Lou Victor Karnas, Venla Linna
Animation Director: Wesley Louis
Character Animation: Marlène Beaube, Amanda Jespersen Holm, Maxime Jouniot, Lou Victor Karnas, Venla Linna, Alexander Savchenko, Auszamen Searles, Mourad Elias Seddiki, Malcolm Wope
FX Animation: Quentin Cordonnier, Olivier Malric, Auszamen Searles, Tony Unser
Lead Animation Assist: Eleonora Quario
Animation Assist: Liam Engels, Auszamen Searles
Cleanup and Colour: Amix Film Studio
Background Layout: César Chevalier, Bruno Mayor, Igor Piwowarczyk, Arnaud Tribout
Background Paint: Elliott Kajdan, Alfie Marley, Bruno Mayor, Igor Piwowarczyk, Sean Sevestre, Arnaud Tribout
3D Camera: Freddie Lewis-Wall
3D Layout: Elliott Kajdan, Bruno Mayor, Antoine Perez
3D Animation: Maxime Jouniot
Texture & Shading: Antoine Perez
Lead Compositor: Freddie Lewis-Wall
Compositing: Andre Brandt, Florian Ojeda Diop, Elliott Kajdan, Zeki Doru Ondun, Clarisse Valeix, Skye van der Walt
Compositing Assistant: Natasha Francis
Motion Design: Max Taylor
Colour Grade: Freddie Lewis-Wall
Rolling Edit: Laurence Moss, Natasha Francis
Production Assistant: Michaela Dede
Studio Manager: Emily Darby, Anna Degenaar
Producer: Michael Parks
Production Manager: Macarena Gaset
Executive Producer: James Duveen
Senior Producer: Hanae Seida

October 26, 2021

Guardians of the Galaxy - "Star-Lord: Zero to Hero" | Music Video/Game Promo

DIRECTOR: Gary Levesque
PRODUCTION: Wizz / Psyop
PRODUCER: Matthieu Poirier / Claire Madigan
ANIMATORS: Adrien Vallade, Alexandra Petit, Angus Pepper, Catherine, Catherine Benz, Deborah Balboa, Leo Ferrer, Martin Richard, Gabrielle Selnet
ANIMATORS ASSISTANTS: Benjamin Oualid, Alma Frohlich
BACKGROUND: Sebastien Iglesias, Florent Boston
COMPOSITING: Benoit Galland

October 18, 2021

'DOME' - Animated trailer for the French Indie Manga

Directed by: William Balmer, Mimo Peyrani, Jimmy Szezur, Lyne Hehlen
Art Directors: William Balmer, Mimo Peyrani
Storyboard / Animatic: Jimmy Szezur, Lyne Hehlen
Colorboard: Jimmy Szezur
Layout: Jimmy Szezur, Mimo Peyrani
Character Animation: Jimmy Szezur, Lyne Hehlen
Shadow Animation: Mimo Peyrani
Backgrounds: Lyne Hehlen, Mimo Peyrani
Compositing: Lyne Hehlen
Sound Design: Valérian Augereau, Lyne Hehlen
Music: Roman Perreton

October 12, 2021

And Then I’ll Stop... Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

The 1990 film by Paul Fierlinger - Tells the stories of several addicts, from their lowest moments of defeat through to their recovery, are told through the stylish, sketchy cartoon drawings of animator Paul Fierlinger, who shares his own struggles with alcoholism at the end of the film.

October 10, 2021

'Marcel, King of Tervuren' by Tom Shroeder

Marcel is a rooster, whose storied life unfolds like a Greek tragedy.
At his website, director Tom Schroeder details the genesis of the film --
a story told over drinks by a friend in Belgium.

Via Drawn

October 09, 2021

Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina - Opening Title Sequence

"The Legend of Vox Machina is an adult animated fantasy-adventure series that follows Vox Machina, a band of misfits with a fondness for boozing and brawling. In a desperate attempt to pay off their mounting bar tab, these unlikely heroes end up on a quest to save the realm of Exandria from dark magical forces. From a sinister necromancer to a powerful curse, the group confronts a variety of obstacles that not only test their skills, but also the strength of their bond."

October 08, 2021

XX LAB "A Scream Into The Future"

Written & Directed by Anne Raffin
Client: François X
Produced By: Nicolas Mongin, Hélène Orjebin
Production Company: Les Monstres
Lead Background Artist: Anne Raffin
Backgrounds: Bruno Couchinho, Florian Jouet, Marie Letullier
3D Modeling & Animation: Simon Goeneutte-Lefevre
Lead Character Layout & Animation: Éléa Gobbé-Mévellec
Animation: Charlotte Baker, Lionel Marchand, Nicolas Voukourakos
2DFX Animation: Frédéric Macé, Stéphane Martzolf
Lead Animation Assistant: Lesceline Haase
Animation Assistant: Dimitri Lecoussis
Compositing: Thomas Ricquier
Color Grading: Alexandra Batina
Editing: Nazim Meslem
Music Mix: Gautier Carbonneaux
Sign Language Adaptation: Sophie Pointurier
Character Costume Designs based on the works of Arthur Avellano

October 03, 2021

The Ultimate "Kung Fu Panda" Recap Cartoon

Homeshake – “Passenger Seat” - by Peter Sharp

Animation by Pete Sharp, Marlena Synchyshyn, Jan Kuijken, George Wheeler, Serkan Goncagul and Zarah Bao.
Produced by Brain Dead Studios

October 01, 2021

'Smooth Talker' by Brent Bouchard

'Le Dernier des Cailloux' (The Last of the Pebbles) - TV special directed by Caroline Cherrier (Horacio) at Tant Mieux Production Studios

Firmin Pebble has just lost his parents, two famous explorers who died at sea. Hosted by his aunt Anna in Normandy, he is struggling with this humble family of shell fishers, very different from the adventurous spirit he was used to. Running away from his cousins’ constant teasing, he meets Risette, the lighthouse keeper. At night, he encounters a huge, lost sea creature, who is desperately trying to communicate with the foghorn. Firmin becomes attached to this lonely monster, the last of her kind. Alone against all, he will try to protect her from the men of the village.

September 30, 2021

Aaliyah "It's Been A Long Time" - by Studio 4°C

Production: STUDIO 4°C
Director, Character Designer & Key Animation: Takahiro Tanaka
CGI & Composite Director: Yusuke Hirota
Color Stylist & Color Coordinator: Kumiko Naruke
Background Paint: Kanako Watanabe
In-between Animation Supervisor: Hidemi Okusaka
In-between Animation: Miyu Nakazawa, OLM Asia, Studio Gimlet, Studio Hibari, Osaka Studio
Digital Ink & Paint: Konoha Suzuki, Wakako Takahashi, OLM Asia, Studio Step, Studio Hibari, Osaka Studio
CGI: Alex Boil
Compositing: Ki Ri, Masaru Ebihara, Rio Tanaka, Chisato Kawakita, Alex BOIL
Animation Producer: Tomoko Ogiwara
Creative Producer: BABYLON
Production Coordinator: Taka Arakawa, Azusa Nozaki

September 25, 2021

Arcane - Series Trailer

League of Legends: Phoenixmancers

Direction: CRCR
Production : WIZZ / QUADGROUP
Producer: Matthieu Poirier
Storyboard: Vic Chhun
Designs: Suheb Zako
Layout Artist: Umeshu Lovers, Sylvain Sarrailh, Jocelin Carmes, Justine Chalieux
Background Artist: Nicolas Dehghani, Surrendra Rajawat, Mael Henry Olivier, Pauline Mauvière, Celine Korno
Animators: Vic Chhun, Loup Bouchet, Bishoy Gendi, Jack Amin-Ibrahim, Nathan Harbonn Viaud, Basile Cortale, Clément Desnos
Assistant Animators: Louise Balliet, Mriganka Bhuyan, Clemence Collignon Drion, Léonard Ferrer, Yan LI
Production Coordinator: Valentin Maupin
Client: Tencent / Riot Games
Executive Producers: Christina Zhao, Cheng LI, Ivy Lu, Kuo-zheng Hao, Lisa Pang

Via Catsuka

September 24, 2021

'Bench' by Rich Webber

Director of Photography Sam Morris
Story artist Andy Janes
Animated by Darren Thomson and Rich Webber
Sound design by Mick Percival
Sound mix by William Davies
Background design by Aurelien Predal
Compositing and grade by Jon Biggins
Special thanks to Nathan Sale and Charlotte Wadsworth

September 18, 2021

'Mindscape' by Jacques Drouin (1976)

Made with the pinscreen animation technique, see how it's made here.

September 16, 2021

'A Girl Who’s Afraid Of Touching People' by Liang-Hsin Huang

Following a girl who is going on a journey to overcome her fear from the past to the present, from pain to relief.

Direction / Animation: Liang-Hsin Huang
Music: Sarah Playford
Sound Mix: Mike Wyeld
Colorists: Hannah Brewerton, Hwanyi Kim, Marianne Lang, Ruo Hsin Wu

September 02, 2021

Short Circuit

"Dinosaur Barbarian" by Kim Hazel
"Going Home" by Jacob Frey
"Crosswalk" by Ryan Green
"Songs to Sing in the Dark" by Riannon Delanoy
"No. 2 to Kettering" by Liza Rhea

August 31, 2021


Production: Paddy Studio
Director: Tzu-Hsin (Cindy) Yang
Art Director: Yen Chen Liu
Music/Song: Wei Jie Huang
Animation: Tzu-Hsin (Cindy) Yang, Hiho Lin, Edith Lu, Hsin Lin

August 29, 2021

Salvatore Ganacci - Fight Dirty

PRODUCED BY: Nina Knežević, Tom Noakes and Will Goodfellow

DIRECTED BY: Will Goodfellow, Tom Noakes and Greg Sharp

STORY BY: Will Goodfellow and Tom Noakes

ANIMATION PRODUCTION: Studio Goono / Truba Animation


STORYBOARDS: Greg Sharp, Nikhil Markale, Aggelos Papantoniou, Christian Villacañas

CHARACTER DESIGN: Gibbon Animation

ADDITIONAL ANIMATION EUROPE: Remembers Productions. Hugo Lemonnier, Gianni Bouyeure, Jocelyn Charles, Roman Lazarov


BACKGROUND LEAD: Kevin Roualland

BACKGROUNDS: Kalyanjyoti Mohan, Jarrod Prince, Andrew Onorato, Nikhil Markale

ANIMATION CLEAN UP: Vera Pozdeeva, Vuk Palibrk, Tamara Bogovac, Jovan Rakic, Katarina Srejić, Tamara Majkić, Miljana Tešovic, Ivan Veličković

COLOURIST: Fergus Rotherham

TITLE DESIGN: Reece Cornwall

SOUND DESIGN: Rumble Studios, Dan William, Tone Aston, Tane Lowrey

Via: Catsuka

August 24, 2021

'Skindeep' by YUCA, Edi, and YOUTH

“SKINDEEP” is an emotive animated short film, directed by YUCA, Edi, and YOUTH, that brings race-based trauma to the surface. It was co-written with Dr. Robert Carter Ph.D. Psychologist and Professor of Psychology and Education at Columbia University and in partnership with EMPOWHER NY and Ingrid Silva.

All characters were created and developed by black female illustrators, who shared their experiences and talent to bring the characters to life. Then each frame was made in watercolor, resulting in more than 1600 manual paintings. Thousands of newspaper articles about racial discrimination, from the 1920s to today, were the canvases for this animation. To further reinforce the “watery atmosphere” of the film, inspired by the tears of victims of race-based trauma, the filmmakers developed a new technique by capturing the reflection of each frame through the movement of the water in a small aquarium.

Even 100 years of news stories barely began to uncover the devastating consequences of racial hostility. This film was inspired by real events. Race-based traumatic stress is real. The injury is real.

August 08, 2021

Samsung Grande

- Production -
Samsung Electronics Presents
Planning: Cheil Worldwide
Animation Production Studio: VCRWORKS
Written by Boseong Gim
Directed by Boseong Gim, Soeun Jeon
Produced by Boseong Gim, Jonghoon Lee

- Animation / Backgrounds / Compositing -
Storyboard Artists: Soeun Jeon, Jihye Lee, Boseong Gim
Layout Artists: Soeun Jeon, Jihye Lee, Boseong Gim, Jonghwan Kim
BG Artists: Bom Kim, Jonghwan Kim, Jihye Lee, Soeun Jeon, Boseong Gim, Seohyeon Kim
Animation Supervisor: Sumin Yoo
Animators: Jonghwan Kim, Seohyeon Kim, Yebon Choi, Soeun Jeon, Boseong Gim, Inmock Park, Jihwan Kim, Heejin Choi, Soohyun Lee, Jinhee Yoo, Jisoo Kim, Myeongjun Kim, Jiyeon Yoo, Jiyeon Kim, Dohyun Shin, Minkyu Jeong
3D Artists: Daesung Jung, Minjeong Park
Compositors: Daesung Jung, Boseong Gim

- Music -
Music Producer: Minho Dong (Studio MOJI)
Composer: Minho Dong (Studio MOJI)
Arranged by: Ran Cho, MinHo Dong (Studio MOJI)
String: Phil String
Guitar/Bass: Taewook Lee
Drum: Seunghyeon Hong
Piano: Minho Dong (Studio MOJI)
Recording Studio: Studio MOJI, CSMusicN
Recording Engineer: Heejae Kim
Mixing Engineer: Hangoo Kim (Soundpool)
Assistant Engineer: Hojin Jung (Soundpool) [SOUNDTRACK ' 내일이 찾아오면 (When tomorrow comes)]
Arranged by: Minho Dong, Jinyang Kim, Ran Cho
Vocal Harryan, Yoonsoan

- Sound Design -
Sound Supervisor: Sungwook Sun (The Place)
Sound EFX: Chulwoo Moon Hyungseop Kim
Foley Artist: Yongkook Kim
Foley Recording: Seungyeon Lee

August 06, 2021

Micro Essence

The Line Studio created this animated spot for Estée Lauder's treatment lotions. Based on the works of swedish illustrator Åsa Ekström.

August 02, 2021

Teaser for 'League of Legends European Championship'

Director: David Pagaille
Production: Passion Paris
Executive Producers: Andrew Caulcutt, Marc Bodin-Joyeux
Line Producer: Chamseddine Kaddouri
Storyboards: David Pagaille, Ivan Gomez
Visual Development: David Pagaille, Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Character Designs: David Pagaille
Background Designs: David Pagaille, Pierre Watteyne, Maxime Dupuy
3D Layout: Hugo Braillon
Animation: David Pagaille, Mandimby Lebon, Théo Tran Ngoc, Julien Cortey, Nicolas Jaffré, David Bradshaw
Clean-up Animation: Manon Verrey, Alexandra Bloch, Rosalie Perrot, Théo Guyot, Thomas Du Crest, Chhay-Tek Ung, Laurent Box
Compositing: Thomas Ricquier
Sound Design: Brokenstra @ Creaminals

July 22, 2021

Métal Hurlant

DIRECTED BY: Ugo Bienvenu
ANIMATION BY: Théo Tran Ngoc, Adam Sillard, Pierre Rougemont, Gianni Bouyeure, Martin Robic, Rodrigo Sousa, and Ugo Bienvenu
BACKGROUNDS BY: Ugo Bienvenu and Josselin Facon
COMPOSITING BY: Yohann Hervo, Hugo Moreno, and Ugo Bienvenu
MUSIC: Antoine Debarge

July 18, 2021

Glukoza "Motylki"

Directed by: Aleksey Bovkoun
Written and Produced by: Alexander Chistyakov
Executive Producer: Sergey Lubinetsky
Production Supervisor: Julia Khan
Animation Director: Aleksey Bovkoun
Character Design: Anna Cattish
Compositing: Pavel Borisov
Production: Glukoza Animation Studios

July 14, 2021

The Starry Night

Production Studio: VCRWORKS
Director: Jonghoon Lee
Art Director: Jihye Lee
2D Animation: Jonghoon Lee, Jinhee Lee, Minhee Jang, Boseong Gim, Gayoung Kim, Jisoo Kim, Seoyoung Kwon
3D Animation: Sanghyo Han
Sound Design: Minji Kang, Seyeon Hwang
Music: Mika Lim


June 28, 2021

Garena Free Fire - "All In" | by The Line

Client: Garena

Director: Sam Taylor

Art Director / Beat Board Artist: Kévin Roualland

Visual Development: Antoine Perez, Kévin Roualland, Agathe Leroux

Character Design: Venla Linna, Wesley Louis, Marion Bordeyne, Amanda Holm

Prop and Weapon Design: Marion Bordeyne

Storyboard Artists: Venla Linna, Lou Victor Karnas, Bagus Yoga, Katherine Nguyen, Kévin Roualland

Editor: Sam Taylor

Background Layout: Antoine Birot, Bruno Mayor, Anatole Bournique

Character Layout: Venla Linna, Amanda Holm

Background Painters: Kévin Roualland, Bruno Mayor, Sergio Mancinelli, Yujia Wang, Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo, Arnaud Tribout

Lead Animator: Venla Linna

Animators: Pauline Champetier, Léonard Bismuth, Kevin Ryan, Tim Dillnutt, Angus Pepper, Peter Lowey, Pierre Rutz, Léa Rey-Mauzaize

FX Animators: Andrew LeBlanc, Naoki Araiza Tokumasu, Quentin Cordonnier, Matt Timms, Venla Linna

Assistant Animators: Eleonora Quario, Alison Oxborrow, Christina Nerland, Sara Frias Jimenez

Clean-up and Colour: Amix

Lead Compositor: Freddie Lewis-Wall

Compositors: Vincent E Sousa, Courtney D. Pryce, Clarisse Valeix, Elliott Kajdan, Doru Zeki Ondun

Motion Graphics Designer: Pablo Lozano

Colour Grading: Freddie Lewis-Wall

Producer: Lisa A.Smith

Executive Producer: James Duveen

Senior Producer: Hanae Seida

May 25, 2021

AREA21 - Pogo

Animation Produced by Titmouse
Director: Jeremy Polgar
Writer: Mark Brooks

Storyboard Artist: Jeremy Polgar, Jamie Vickers
Storyboard Revisionist: Stephanie Ressler

Art Director: Anthony Wu
Concept Artists: Chase Conley, Ivan Pozdnyakov, Anthony Wu
Character Designer: Mariko Yamashin
Assistant Character Designers: Carl Aspuria, Richard Suh
Prop Designer: Joseph Martinez
Background Layout Artists: Elliott Byrne, Nikita Chan, Marie de Durat, Leland Goodman, Efraim Ninsiima, Julia Oh, Ivan Pozdnyakov, Kevin Scarborough, Rodrigo Tello
Background Painters: Marie de Durat, Leah Douw, Steve Eat, Joachim Leclercq, Julia Oh, Ivan Pozdnyakov, Efraim Ninsiima, Amanda Winterstein, Henry Wong

3D Generalists: Chris Boylan, Allan Parker, Kingston Waller
3D Modeler: Joseph Martinez
Animators: Michiru Baudet, Julien Cortey, Damian Fernandez, Phylicia Fuentes, Mika Gabot, Nasi Ijau, Nacho Malter, Franco Pellicciaro, Ryan Plaisance, Jeremy Polgar, Diego Polieri, Kat Ruzics, Travis Simon, Michael Sung, Husain Untoro, Sadewa Retake Animator: John Berry, Kris Yim
Animation Clean-up by: INK Animation Pty Ltd.

Digital Compositors: Axel Alvarez, Drew Bolduc, Mike Burakoff, Colin Fleming, Amanda LaMarco, Cam Leeburg
Animatic Editor: Rachael Russakoff
Editor: Rachael Russakoff
Supervising Sound Editor: James Lucero
FX Editors: James Lucero, Chris Trent
Color Provided by: The Mill
Colorist: Nick Metcalf
Color Assistants: David Franzo, Stephanie Park

Executive Producers: Chris Prynoski, Shannon Prynoski, Antonio Canobbio, Ben Kalina
Co-Executive Producers: Martijn Garritsen, Brandon Green, Ken Bunt, Watse de Jong

Producer: Will Feng
Associate Producer: Riley Riggen
Production Coordinator: Julia Chow
Production Assistant: Isaiah Wolfe
Executive Producer: Rochelle Brown
Associate Producer: Lucy Gatanis
Production Accountant: Jason Lucas
1st Assistant: Katarina Flavin
IT Support: Michael Douglas, Colin Kelly, Kashan Khan, Eli Mattar, Meys Quintana
IT Support Coordinator: Michael Keenan
Network Engineer: Hani Sadjadi
IT Director: Steve Wolstrup

May 04, 2021

Brainstorm - "Feels"

Studio: Honkfu
Producers: Stas Bashkatov, Anton Antonenok
Animation Director: Kirill Blumenkrants
Art Director: Stas Bashkatov
Designers: Denis Pisarev, Stas Bashkatov, Anna Cattish, Ivan Pozdnyakov
Story Artist: Kirill Blumenkrants
Layout Artists: Stas Bashkatov, Elizaveta Kuznetsova
Animators: Tatiana Bolotnova, Aleksei Bovkoun, Rémy Clarke, Vadim Fedulkin, Olga Grechanova, Aleksandra Krechman, Stepan Nikitin, OstinLein, Rhea, Peach, Kristina Poplavskaya, Tanya Strekalova, Anastasia Turaeva, Elena Volk, Aleksei Yatsutko, Xi Chen
FX Animation: Boomito Boomov, Tatiana Goncharova, lightsoul, Peach
Clean-up Supervisor: Kristina Poplavskaya
Clean-up Artists: Maria Afanaseva, Vadim Fedulkin, Marta Flerova, Di Na Kim, Viktoria Kogay, Aleksandra Krechman, Ruta Mikheeva, Salavat Murzanov, Igor Oleynikov, Tanya Onyushkina, Rhea, Elizaveta Rukus, Inga Shafeeva, Daria Skripka, Tanya Strekalova, Yulia Sultanova, Margarita kachenko, Anyuta Tsoi, Victoria Void, Kristina Vokhmyakova, Aleksei Yatsutko
Painting: Maria Tineeva
Background Art Supervisor: Adelia Koldarova
Background Artists: Liza Chernyak, Junkochild, Melba Marat, Vasilisa Pavlenko, Gala Poliakova, Valya Urm
Additional Backgrounds: Fedor Dyatlov, Ekaterina Ermolaeva, Ivan Fedorov, Stas Metelskiy, Roman Novak, Ivan Onokhin, Ivan Pozdnyakov, George Varodi
Compositing: Denis Pisarev, Maxim Kashcheev, Stas Bashkatov
Sound Design: Alexey Konovalenko
Illustrator: Snegovski
Graphic Designers: Timur Zima, Sasha Smirnov

April 13, 2021

'Head & Shoulder' by CRCR

Production Company: Psyop/Blacklist
Director: CRCR
Animation Studio: Wizz @ Quad group


Directors: CRCR
Character Designer: Juliette Brocal
Animators: Leyla Kaddoura, Marlene Beaube, David Bradshaw, Etienne Faivre, Léonard Ferrer, Jack-Amin Ibrahim, Arthur Sotto, Valentin Stoll, Florian de Chelle, Maxime Jouniot
Trainee animators: Elodie Xia, Vincent Pistien, Nawel Bahamou
Animatic: Antoine Rota & Kristian Antonelli
Producer WIZZ: Amanda Stubbs
Post Producer WIZZ: Claire Prudhomme


Rick Thiele - Red Knuckles Creative Directors
Mario Ucci - Red Knuckles Creative Directors
Pedro Lino - Red Knuckles Executive Producer
Mercedes Vidal Breard - Red Knuckles Project Manager
Yann Benedi - Lead Background Artist
Irena Šmitáková - Background Artist
Emilis Baltrusaitis - Background Artist
Jack Stevens - Background Artist
Clément Danveau - Color Boards
Remy Herisse - Previz Animator
Guillaume Cassuto - Lead Compositor
Clarisse Valeix - Compositor
Lisa Mandelli - Compositor


Original Music & Sound Design: Antfood
ECD / Partner: Wilson Brown
Executive Producer: Sue Lee
Senior Producer: Trevor Haimes
Composer / Sound Designer: Rory White
Executive Producer: Adina Sales / Andrew Linsk
Associate Producer: Leah Dorfman

April 11, 2021

“WhateverTree” by Isaac King

Story, Direction, Animation, Design: Isaac King
Animation assistance: Dani Elizondo
Music: Bram Gielen
Sound Design/Mix: Matt Beckett
Produced with the generous support of:
Ontario Arts Council & Canada Arts Council

April 10, 2021

Chelou – 'Wayward'

Produced by Ricardo Cavolo & Cheng-Hsu Chung
Director: Cheng-Hsu Chung
Illustrator: Ricardo Cavolo
Animator: Cheng-Hsu Chung, Dal Park, Dimitris Armenakis
Colourist: Dal Park

April 05, 2021

'Brawlhalla x Kung Fu Panda' animated launch trailer

Directed by: Dave Montes & Terry Legan
Animation: Alain vu, Dave Montes, Terry Legan, Jong-ha Yoon
Clean-up: Lucie Julliat, Giulia Riva, Anais Fergal
FX: Christian Maize, Jade Joyner
BGs: Jordan Wynder
Compositing: Gabrielle Locre
Audio: Britt LaReau

March 26, 2021

The Spine Of Night

In this ultra-violent, fantasy epic, ancient dark magic falls into sinister hands and unleashes ages of suffering onto mankind. A group of heroes from different eras and cultures must band together in order to defeat it at all costs. WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Philip Gelatt, Morgan Galen King

March 25, 2021

Celui qui ne voyait pas les étoiles

"The one who did not see the stars", a beautiful animated spot for te Novartis campaign about hereditary retinal dystrophies. Directed by Jack Antoine Charlot & John Jones (Passion Paris).

March 21, 2021


A short film by Lili des Bellons & Ezequiel Torres (Rudo Studio, Argentina). You can take part to the project by animating / dubbing / submitting the final scene here:

March 02, 2021

Double Plus Animation Studios

 - Welcome to Brawlhalla Credits - 

 Director: Alexander Snow 
Line Producer: Avi Lasser 
Producer: Joel Foster 
Production Manager: Yino Huan 
Head of Animation: Maxime Delalande 
Animators: Alexander Savchenko, Antoine Tran, Jeremie Becquer, Xavier Ramonede, Mourad Elias-Seddiki, Ricard Ubach 
Color / Shadow: Christa Jarrold, Wayne Maslin FX: Nicola Finizzio, Husain Untoro, Chris Graf Compositing: Jeremy Carlen 

March 01, 2021

"Maman Pleut Des Cordes" (Mum is pouring rain) animated TV special by Hugo de Faucompret (Laïdak Films)

15th Anniversary

Well, here it is - 15 years since I started the Flooby Nooby blog.

At first it was meant to be a daily "sketch blog", but that didn't last very long. Then it turned into a "here's some funny stuff I found on the internet" blog. But then it gradually evolved into this - a showcase of animated shorts; films, music videos, intros, demos, spots, commercials, and interstitials of all kinds.

As time went on, it came to a point where I didn't need to search for new animated content to display. For years now,  I've been inundated with dozens of shorts every month, generously sent to me by all of you - through email, skype, text message, facebook and twitter, and linkedin. I have all of you to thank for the endless amount of links to amazing content.

I've been touched by the hundreds of emails I've gotten over the years as well. My breakdown of The Cinematography of The Incredibles has surpassed 500,000 views, and I'm glad at how it seems to have helped educate many animation students and professional story artists.

Thank you all for the kind words and support.

Here's to another 15 years.

February 08, 2021

Ubisoft "Rainbow Six Siege: Neon Dawn" Story Trailer - by CRCR & WIZZ

AFK Arena - “Desperation” Trailer - by EDDY

Director: Lucas Durkheim Character Design: Lucile Meunier, Jules Rigolle Background Design: Meryl Franck Storyboards: Léni Marotte, Quentin Reubrecht Head of Background Layout: Meryl Franck Background Layout: Paul Régnier, Axel Rousseau Head of Posing: Léni Marotte Posing: Léonard Bismuth, Mathieu Corbin, Léni Marotte Head of Animation: Antoine Antin Animation: Léonard Bismuth, Mylène Cominotti, Mathieu Corbin, Diego Cristófano, Simon Duong Van Huyen, Hanne Galvez, Leyla Kaddoura, Léni Marotte, Florian Perron, Xavier Ramonède, Martin Richard, Diane Tran-Duc, Léa Bancelin, Phuong Nguyen FX Animation: Maxime Neaud, Axel Rousseau 3D Animation: Rémi Julien Head of Compositing: Thomas Ricquier Compositing: Leslie Belot, Maxime Bernard, Damien Gaillardon, Nicolas Guilloteau, Victoria Jardine, Quentin Nigues

February 06, 2021

'The Last Belle' (2011) - by Neil Boyle

City of Ghosts

Diptyque - Marvelous Beasts

Art Direction: Ugo Gattoni
Directors: Guillaume Cassuto & Ugo Gattoni
2D Animation Supervisor: Jérémy Pires
2D Animation: Gianni Bouyeyre, Étienne Faivre, Léonard Ferrer, Jérémy Pires
Background Designs: Ugo Gattoni
Compositing: Guillaume Cassuto
Sound Design: collectif_sin

'The New Exhibition' by Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Directed and Animated by Jonathan Djob Nkondo
Additional Animations by Mario Meneses
Sound Design and Music by Nicolas Snyder

February 03, 2021

Chowder Reanimated

A scene for the Chowder Reanimated Anijam Collaboration. Watch the full collab here: