September 04, 2012

Life in the Analog Age Vol. 2 by Gabe Swarr

Being a child of the 80s, I can honestly say that the first volume brought me back to my nostalgic youth in more ways than one, and now Gabe's second volume does a lot more of the same. It's a great read and you really should treat yourself and get a copy. You can buy the book or a digital copy on his site.

This touching collection of comics helps unlock those forgotten memories, details, and emotions from a simpler time in your life. A time before you were defined, a time when you where still discovering the world and who you would become.

- Collecting the entire second year of Life In The Analog Age
- Exclusive 22 page story
- 3 extra side projects
- Bonus behind the scenes images
- Photos

120 Pages / Full color


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