December 12, 2006

Dog Days of Animation


Disney story artist Paul Briggs has started an unusual art project/blogsite called Dog Days of Animation. Says Paul:

It all began back in 1996 when I wanted to ask a colleague in the animation industry for a drawing. I was embarrassed to ask because I knew the pressure of being an artist and having to "think" of something to draw. So, I decided to use this photo of a random dog that I took one day in a flower shop. I had no connection to the dog so therefore there were no expectations of the subject matter from my end as well. All I wanted was the artists to represent themselves.
Most of the drawings are done by Paul's Feature Animation colleagues at Disney - including Chris Sanders (above), Alex Kupershmidt and Aaron Blaise. Twenty drawings have been posted so far, but Paul tells us he has over sixty drawings in total that he'll be putting up over the next several months. If you're interested in participating or want to see a photo of the original dog, visit this page.

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