December 23, 2006


Collideascope Animation Studios did a little fund raising this year. Instead of doing the usual in-house Secret Santa thing, we decided to pool all our loose change together and see how much money the 75+ employees here could raise in 4 weeks for the
IWK Children's Hospital

(a local care and treatment center for kids with illness).

We raised $2000 total then Collideascope founders/producers doubled it! Making a grand total of $4000 raised for charity! Unfortunately for Mark "The Nature Boy" Cappello, he lost a little wager in the process. His department raised the least amount of money, thus he had to run around the block at -3 degree weather in underwear only. Witness the horror first hand here:

Saturday morning front page news!!


Scott MacDonald said...

i just seen the new rocky movie last night and it was pretty awesome, but not as awesome as this...way to make front page faces assaut charges!!! it was amazing...and great job mike white on the video editing.

Scott MacDonald said...

and this totally made my xmas this year...thanks Mark!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!!! great job getting on the front page!!!!! This is the best xmas ever!


Gillian said...

i just about died when i saw Mark on the front page! friggin' awesome!

CarolineJarvis said...

HAHAHAHA! That could have been you Ronnie Ronnie Ronaldson! hahaha!

Capello, you make me proud to work at such a fine and classy establishment.!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

WoW...Those nipples coulda cut glass that day!

Good to see support for the IWK, great work.


Anonymous said...

All my family and friends think you were very brave for doing what you did on such a cold day. Beautiful picture. By the way, my grandmother thinks your cute! LOL

-angela :P

murrayb said...

hahahahaha wow. O__o umm great... job? The hand off from gordo of the smoke is a touching moment, eat your heart out sly. I want a bronze statue of that at the top of the steps of citadel hill, marking the occasion for future generations haligonians.

Ron said...

A Bronze Staue of M. Cappello sounds like a great idea, if we can gather 100,000 signatures from as many Haligonians as we can, I'm sure the city will have it made for us.

Gene Fowler said...

Nice job CApello!