January 05, 2007

Blast From The Past

For my 400th post, Flooby Nooby is proud to present a little blast from the not-too-distant past. Here are pics taken nearly 7 years ago, back when Collideascope was animating its very first pilot episode, at the time being the first (along with Quads) to start a series using all 100% Flash.

We were a wee studio then, 1 director, 1 board/BG artist, and 8 animators, all struggling through our first time doing traditional style Flash cartoons for broadcast television.

Here we have James Boyd, Curtis Carey, Ron Doucet, Brian Finlay, Adam Gunn, and Bogdan Luca. We were practicing Jedi mind tricks every day.

Here we have Ron choking Curtis (a daily event) and Leigh flirting with Luca, she didn't even work at the studio, but enjoyed visiting us for some reason.

And here we have a visit from an old friend, sci-fiction celebrity icon, Chewbacca.... He's much shorter in real life.


Gillian said...

holy crap Curtis looks like he's 12!!! o_O

Mirco said...

ummm wasn't I around some where on this pilot episode? Also everyone looks like there 12-14 in these.

Stanley Thunderbeard said...

damn, were we really only 8 animators?