March 28, 2006


A couple times per year, I get the sudden urge to go out around town and snap some photos of walls. Today I even found gravel, buildings, signs, and people.

I always get a kick out of this.

I ended up talking with this guy, he teachs at NSCAD, he was nice enough to let me take his picture.


Jake Macher said...

That stop sign always made me laugh too when I was still living there.

Curtis said...

those crazy up-shots always look cool.


Stephanie N said...

haha I would have loved to see you taking some of those! All contorted and on the ground. :P

artjunkie_mgh said...

I didn't know you did this, Ron... I've been doing similar little outtings for YEARS... and to think we've never crossed paths on our 'texture quest', LOL. Beautiful images, bro. Love the upshots.

Doctah J said...

You're a geologist and you don't even know it