September 19, 2014

Composition & Color Analysis of Blade Runner (1982)

A breakdown of the visual language of "Blade Runner"  - Directed by Ridley Scott / Cinematography by Jordan Cronenweth.

Using a square grid, an 8x8 framing system, with an accompanying color set palette; observe the hierarchy and visual balance from these key shots.

I've researched some more info regarding the lighting and filming of Blade Runner, read it here.


Gavin Greenwalt said...

If you draw enough lines on an image, eventually something will be somewhere on one of the lines.

Ron said...

Yes, but when you use the same grid pattern on an excellently-shot film, you'll see the method behind the madness, and you'll notice that it's not random, but that to make images that are pleasing to the eye you need to strike a visual balance of colors and shapes, by looking through these samples you see that they planned the framing of the characters and props and environment in such a way that the layout and spacing creates a nice sense of contrast and lines that lead your eye to exactly where the director wants you to look, all while developing the characters, story, and world you are in, all while creating some beautiful imagery.

PataHata said...

Great work, you've been pinned ;-)