May 03, 2006

Garfield vs. Snakes

The Debate: Which movie will be the worst one of the summer? Garfield 2: Tail Of Two Kitties, or Samuel Jackson's Snakes On A Plane ? It's going to be a close race.


Curtis said...

I believe you have gotten your head stuck up your ass, because snakes on a plane will be the best movie in the world, ever!
haha, I'm just kidding, any movie they go back and add scenes to because some blogs say it would be awesome to see sam jackson say something they think is cool.
has got to be painful.

wait, did you say garfield 2?!

Mirco said...

I saw some shots from Garfield 2 and it looked like the worst blend of CG and real film I've seen in a long time. I think that cat's used up his nine lives. Also Snakes on a plane looks awesome in it's awesomeness.