May 16, 2006

The Fallen

As we slowly ramp up production here at Collideascope we've found ways to entertain ourselves here with the skeleton crew we currently have. One such way is the founding of the Gun Club. Some say it's crude, violent, pointless... and we agree. However, come September we will be fully crewed on two projects to do everything from design and animation to clean-up and paint on 39 half-hour episodes of cartoon goodness. Our little studio will burst at the seems with 75 artists and granted that the arm wrestling tournaments of last year were a huge success, now we have refined the techniques and process for an entertaining/competition-free/stress-relieving shooting range. The fact that new blood will be introduced into the studio will ensure the Colideascope Arm Wrestling Championships will return this Fall. But for now, our numbers are slowly growing, we have 3 rifles and 6 handguns, more participants every week are gradually being introduced to the joy and thrill of shooting paper targets and plastic toys. On this note, let us reflect back on our fallen comrades.

Now that these legends have retired, who will step up to replace them? Who will fill in for the next generation of warriors to stand true and strong?

Mr Incredible 2 - among many others are up for the challenge, this Saturday, will he and his companions survive?

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