May 13, 2006

The Masters of the Universe

Was our new volunteer for today's CGC gathering.
His reinforced chest plate, bulging biceps and killer calves proved to be a challenge.

The Collideascope Gun Club enlisted this particular group of warriors...

Here's the cast of characters ready for battle, poised on the battlefield, ready to endure our punishments.

He-man was the first to fall, after 20 hits, he buckled!

His advanced armor from Eternia was no match for our high powered BBs and pellets.

Pez-dispenser Homer lost his face.

The dynamic duo of Mr. Incredible II and Batman were as durable as ever, but they are finally showing some wear and tear.

Batman will surely be inducted into the CGC Hall of Fame.

Spongebob and Mike have proven to be far stronger than any of us had predicted.

Conjunction Junction!

The scrapyard of toys has grown into quite the pile of body parts.

If there's anyone that ever sees cheap toys for sale at some yard sale or in the mall, or have some at home that are old and of no value, please donate them to the CGC. We are running dangerously low on sacrificial toys and figures. MacDonald's toys, He-man figures, Green Army Men, and Kinder Surprize are the favorites. We will re-imburse anyone who purchases any cheap-old toys with free CO2 and ammo. Thanks.


Jacques said...

What a good day. Ahhhhh. :)

Gillian said...

your write-ups kill me every time Ron! Your funny

CarolineJarvis said...

Who's going to save me from all the jellyfish at the beach now that Spongebob is dead?!?! You should have rethought that one! haha!