June 19, 2006

Book Review

Creating Characters with Personality shows artists how to create a distinctive character, then place that character in context with a script, establish hierarchy, and maximize the impact of pose and expression. Practical exercises help readers put everything together to make their new characters sparkle. I loved this book and all the different guest artists' takes on their own style and how it effects the design and look of the series you could developing offers lots of knowledge to any designer conceptualizing new characters for any new series.

Invincible. This collection is just amazing! What a great story combined with gorgeous artwork. The most impressive aspect is the simple approach to graphically telling a story that delivers a punch you feel in your gut days later. You'll love these characters, even as you start to see the undercurrents of their failings. But unlike other comics that can sometimes revel in dark morality, this one deftly avoids such cynicism and manages to maintain its humanity and sympathetic "everyman/woman" characters. But also, this comic is hilarious! The comedy/timing is spot on, and keeps the book an enjoyable read even in its darkest moments. I cannot recommend this collection highly enough. Image put together a GREAT book with lots of extras, beautifully printed and bound. This truly is the best format for the series to ultimately appear in. Volume 2 comes out in September.

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