July 07, 2006

Work On You

Here it is! The MSTRKRFT music video!

Finally online for all to see!
It took 10 weeks to produce from concept to completion!
100% Flash! We had a blast working on it,
hope you enjoy it.

The hi-res version: 640 The lo-res version: 320

Also recently featured on Cold Hard Flash.

Now broadcasted here on: Much Music
both online and on television!

Director: Mike White
Co-Director: Derek Jessome
Designs: Derek Jessome, Jeff Knott, Chad Boutilier
Storyboards/Layouts: Derek Jessome, Jeff Knott, Mike White
Backgrounds: David Sourwine
Story: JFK/ALP
Creative Consultant/FX Supervisor: Ron Doucet
Animators: Jacques Daigle, Adam Gunn, Rachel Morrison,
Bianca Siercke, Dave Thomson
Clean-Up Artists: Chad Boutilier, Ian Gallant, Andre Morrison,
Ranada Nickerson, Marc Robichaud
FX Animators: Jake Macher, Sean Garnier
Post Production: Jacques Daigle, Peter Giffen
Documentary By: Cory Laffin


Jacques said...

I like your backdrop... couldn't resist eh? :D

Josh Rodgers said...

This is the best video..... ever!

Stephanie N said...

Hmmm...I thought this wasn't supposed to be online? Mike specifically said we couldn't upload it to the net.....

Mike Geiger said...

that was really super incredible!!!

Ron said...

They finally released the video for broadcast a few days ago, so now we can share it with everyone, it's great, I thought we would have to wait months.

Stephanie N said...

Yeah, I thought so too. That's cool. :)

Gillian said...

this is friggin' amazing!!! you guys did such an awesome job!!

murrayb said...

beautiful work, It's gonna do killer.

Mirco said...

Great work! You guys really made a great video. I'm sure its going to be a hit. Great job capturing the old school 80's style.

james_william_walsh said...

wow,, great job guys!
only 10 weeks too. really amazing designs. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I have to say this is the best video coming out of Canada in the past 10 years, easy. I'm speechless.

Amazing work.

Ron said...

JIM! Do you have a website or blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey homie. I'm actually building one right now at my Signalnoise domain. You guys are making great use of the blogs, and I want to be cool too. Hopefully it will be running by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Awesome video - great work guys! You ROCK... out loud! I've watched it a couple times now - Love it!

murrayb said...

hey, it's featured on
don't forget to request the video from much.

R.A. MacNeil said...

Whoa! You got the the whole look and feel down pat. Sweet.


onemanpunkband said...


Ron said...

Thanks everyone.
We had lots of fun producing it, it was a short but sweet experience, total creative freedom is a very rare and exciting opportunity in this industry. We found ourselves very lucky to be working on such cool little project.

Sorry I haven't updated the 'ol blog recently, we've started WB's Johnny Test last week so I'm very busy coordinating the chaos of the backgrounds and animation of this series. When I get a chance I'll be posting new stuff of the coolest and funniest things from the webernet.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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