February 19, 2007


Full Grindhouse Trailer:

I'm anticipating Grindhouse with the same excitement usually reserved for the birth of a first child. This may seem excessive, but at least I'm basing my enthusiasm on the evidence in this new trailer. With a baby, there's a good chance of getting one of the ones with little flipper hands.

First AVP 2 Image

I don't know what I was expecting, but somehow this first image from Alien Versus Predator 2, while maintaining a strict adherance to the concept, is also utterly pathetic. Maybe it's that the Alien is hanging like an enamored girlfriend off the Predator's arm. Maybe it's that the flimsy rubber of the Alien suit is collapsing under the slight pressure of the Predator actor's hand. Or maybe I've just finally outgrown the notion of two characters from unrelated series duking it out in a story that strains to stretch an idiotic premise across an hour-and-a-half. That being said, if they make a movie where Superman fights Batman, or anything where werewolves fight zombies, it will be totally fucking sweet.

Bee Movie Trailer - Featuring Steven Spielberg and Explosions!

Someone had to do it, and now Jerry Seinfeld has finally had the sense to combine observational comedy and entomology with Bee Movie. His sitcom is probably impossible to top, but luckily he's spent the last nine years laying down a groundwork of American Express commercials and rehashed jokes on talk shows, so my standards are at a low enough point that I'll be happy enough with a bee asking what the deal is with pollen.

Heather Graham makes out with Bridget Moynahan in

Gray Matters

In what's probably the only scene worth watching in Gray Matters, Heather Graham's character suddenly falls for her soon to be sister-in-law (Bridget Moynahan) and the two start making out. I'm not entirely sure what's happening at the end, but I think Heather Graham might've killed Bridget with her sexy. Or maybe it was all a dream, because if it was supposed to be real life they would've been wearing nighties and had a pillow fight first.

Knocked Up

Rated-R comedies have potential for me, here's an isolated clip for this film, pretty funny, but I'm sure it will be a lovey-dovey-happy-ending romantic-comedy none the less.

The Nanny Diaries:


The Nanny Diaries is the latest film to exploit the commonly held suspicion that girls will watch anything that references a diary. The trailer's use of Fine Young Cannibals for the music, which is pretty indicative of how in-touch the makers of this film are. This one also tries to pull in the male crowd by showing them Scarlett Johansson's butt in underwear. Well played, gentlemen, but Lost in Translation already delivered that one in spades. I need a nipple or I'm out.

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