August 14, 2007

Tom Baasner - Interviewed!


Honkbarn said...

Hey Ron, sorry this is off-topic but I just saw you short 'The Chase' on the Crackle site. Amazing work man, really nice pacing. I enjoyed the short immensley. I love shorts under 2 minutes, I can watch them at work without feeling guilty. Your studio rocks, keep up the good work.

Ron said...

Thanks, Todd!
Your blog's great!
I love your cartoons!

I'm glad you enjoy my silly little puppet shows too.

Honkbarn said...

Yeah, the puppet show rocks! I watched a lot of Sesame Street as a kid and it subliminally influences my work. I applied at Collideascope when I first graduated from Animation School back in 2001. I was gonna make a road trip out there with Mike Geiger to work at your studio. I sent my portfolio via email but unfortunately you had already crewed up. You sent me a 2 page reply about how good my work was and how I had potential. I now realize you were lying because my portfolio was crap back then. I was really encouraged and inspired to keep working my ass off to get that first job. I'll never forget that letter.