September 15, 2007


Just who are these 'super humans?' In Switzerland, meet a woman who combines senses so that she can 'taste' music; in Turkey, a painter compared with Renaissance master Brunelleschi, was born without eyes; and in the Netherlands, a man who possesses the inexplicable power to withstand extreme cold - but how?

Is it possible for karate masters to zap each other with invisible energy? Can Indian "miracle men" and Sufi mystics mutilate their bodies and feel no pain? Can masters of Hindu Transcendental Meditation fly? Do superpowers really exist?

These super powers seemingly transcend what it means to be human, how we use our natural senses and our physical limitations, watch this new series to see incredible footage on these individuals and their stories.

PREMIERES NOVEMBER 4 @ 8:00 PM/ET on the Discovery Channel.

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